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Engineering Manager – Renewable Energies (focus on solar PV and Hybrid power generation)


To sup­port our ope­ra­ti­ons wit­hin South East Asia, ILF Con­sul­ting Engi­neers Asia is loo­king for a qua­li­fied Engi­nee­ring Mana­ger – Rene­wa­ble Ener­gies (focus on solar PV and Hybrid power generation).
Your tasks will be to:

  • Hand­le and mana­ge our Rene­wa­ble Ener­gies engi­nee­ring team. 
  • Mana­ge and direct the works of your engi­neers and tech­ni­cal staff on engi­nee­ring acti­vi­ties and pro­jects inclu­ding site eva­lua­tions, ener­gy yield assess­ments, con­cep­tu­al, pre-fea­si­bi­li­ty, fea­si­bi­li­ty, basic design and detail­ed design stu­dies, con­struc­tion super­vi­si­on and com­mis­sio­ning, pro­ject manage­ment and due dili­gence as well as design vet­ting studies. 
  • Ensu­re that the work of your engi­nee­ring team com­plies with inter­na­tio­nal qua­li­ty stan­dards to deli­ver engi­nee­ring excel­lence to our clients. 
  • Mana­ge the man-power of your engi­nee­ring team and ensu­re that appro­pria­te staff are avail­ab­le and allo­ca­ted to pro­jects in accordance with pro­ject-spe­ci­fic necessities. 
  • Con­duct per­for­mance eva­lua­ti­on assess­ments of your staff and ensu­re that your staff is pro­per­ly trai­ned and con­ti­nuous­ly impro­ves its pro­fes­sio­nal capabilities. 
  • Deve­lop and imple­ment busi­ness deve­lo­p­ment stra­te­gies based on inno­va­ti­ve new pro­ducts to enhan­ce the growth of our Rene­wa­ble Ener­gies business. 
  • Ana­ly­ze and under­stand the South-East Asia Rene­wa­ble Ener­gy mar­ket to direct busi­ness deve­lo­p­ment acti­vi­ties towards prime mar­ket niches with high margins. 
  • Rese­arch cli­ent pro­spects in tar­get mar­kets to initia­te first con­ta­ct and deve­lop long-term busi­ness relationships. 
  • Enter­tain direct con­ta­ct with our estab­lis­hed cli­ent base con­sis­ting of inde­pen­dent power pro­du­cers, invest­ment funds, uti­li­ties and contractors. 
  • Attend mee­tings with cli­ents, pre­pa­re and/or over­see tech­ni­cal and com­mer­cial pro­po­sals inclu­ding the ela­bo­ra­ti­on of bud­get cal­cu­la­ti­ons, resour­ce assi­gna­ti­on and sche­du­ling matri­ces, work break down struc­tures, etc. 
  • Nego­tia­te ser­vice con­tracts and hand­le all rela­ted admi­nis­tra­ti­ve steps after con­tract conclusion.



Your pro­fes­sio­nal qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons should be at the least:

  • Excel­lent com­mand in Eng­lish (spea­king and wri­ting). Flu­ent in Asi­an lan­guages is an addi­tio­nal asset. Exten­si­ve expe­ri­ence in report wri­ting in per­fect Eng­lish is a must and will be che­cked tho­rough­ly pri­or to hiring. Do not app­ly for this posi­ti­on if you don’t ful­fill this requirement. 
  • Suc­cess­ful­ly com­ple­ted engi­nee­ring stu­dies with Bache­lor degree, pre­fer­a­b­ly Mas­ter degree, from an inter­na­tio­nal­ly reco­gni­zed uni­ver­si­ty. Spe­cia­liz­a­ti­on in the field of Rene­wa­ble Ener­gies is an asset. 
  • Mini­mum of 10 years expe­ri­en­ces in pro­ject work, pro­ject manage­ment and busi­ness deve­lo­p­ment in the field of Rene­wa­ble ener­gies, lar­ge sca­le Pho­to­vol­taic and Hybrid power pro­jects. Expe­ri­ence with EPC com­pa­nies is an advantage. 
  • In-depth know­ledge of the Design of PV and Hybrid power plants, the rea­liz­a­ti­on of Stu­dies of all types inclu­ding Ener­gy Yield Assess­ments and Hybrid plants optimizations. 
  • Pro­ven suc­cess in pro­po­sal pre­pa­ra­ti­on, con­tract nego­tia­ti­ons and cli­ent management. 
  • Full pro­fi­ci­en­cy in MS Office is a must. Soft­ware know­ledge in PVSyst, CAD and/or Heli­os 3D as well as any other rele­vant soft­ware is an advantage. 

To fit our team, You should be:

  • An excel­lent com­mu­ni­ca­tor (ver­bal, writ­ten and lis­tening), capa­ble of inter­pre­ting body lan­guage, mana­ging emo­ti­ons, nego­tia­ting and resol­ving conflicts. 
  • A real team play­er who shares infor­ma­ti­on, hel­ps team mem­bers to resol­ve any pro­blem, works towards the com­mon goal of making our orga­niz­a­ti­on more suc­cess­ful and pro­per­ly divi­des tasks bet­ween team mem­bers. Pro­ven abi­li­ty to inte­gra­te pro­fes­sio­nal­ly as well as on a per­so­nal level with mul­ti­na­tio­nal and mul­ti-disci­pli­na­ry teams and demons­tra­ted high level of inter­cul­tu­ral com­pe­tence (intern­al­ly and with the cli­ent) is an asset. 
  • A true lea­der who takes respon­si­bi­li­ty for your own work and mista­kes as well as that of your staff, who has a long-term visi­on and is not short-sigh­ted, who is pro­duc­ti­ve at all times and leads others by examp­le to a suc­cess­ful outcome. 
  • A prag­ma­tic per­fec­tio­n­ist, who rou­ti­nely checks your own work and that of your staff to ful­ly meet our qua­li­ty stan­dards to the bene­fit of our clients. 
  • Enthu­si­astic and per­so­nal­ly dri­ven about what you do and who you work with, thus com­ple­ting tasks with excel­lence and always loo­king for­ward to the next task. 
  • Taking initia­ti­ve and star­ting tasks inde­pendent­ly in order to make things hap­pen and to make things come to you. You are always taking the first step when requi­red, and are never idle in the face of obsta­cles or challenges. 
  • A skil­led mana­ger of your and your staff’s time and resour­ces, always focu­sing on the suc­cess of our organization. 
  • Wil­ling to con­ti­nuous­ly learn and deve­lop your and your staff’s skills and qua­li­ties to attain true excel­lence in your field of expertise. 
  • Able to hand­le pres­su­re in a clam and com­po­sed way, which enab­les you and your staff to car­ry out all necessa­ry tasks requi­red to meet deadlines. 
  • Fle­xi­ble to adapt to chan­ges dri­ven by our com­pe­ti­ti­on, chan­ging cus­to­mer expec­ta­ti­ons or tech­no­lo­gy. Being mobi­le and wil­ling to tra­vel wit­hin the SE-Asia regi­on fre­quent­ly is a must. 

We offer you to lead chal­len­ging pro­jects and a dyna­mic team in an inter­na­tio­nal com­pa­ny set­up. Bes­i­des attrac­ti­ve con­di­ti­ons and a safe, long-term employ­ment, we offer a meri­to­cra­tic and col­le­gi­al working envi­ron­ment with flat hier­ar­chies in which you can show your true poten­ti­al. If you are up to the chal­len­ge, we’d glad­ly share our fasci­na­ti­on for engi­nee­ring excel­lence with You!


Arbeitsort: ILF-Thailand (ILF-THA)
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