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Lead Civil Engineer (National Staff)


  • Know­ledge of the Com­pany’s qua­li­ty assuran­ce policy. 
  • Orga­ni­ze and car­ry out the design on the faci­li­ties assi­gned to him/her, con­trol the terms of imple­men­ta­ti­on, resol­ve ari­sing issu­es, coor­di­na­te the decisi­ons made with the chief spe­cia­list, check the work of con­trac­tors, sign the mate­ri­als being checked. 
  • Coor­di­na­te the sepa­ra­te parts of the pro­ject per­for­med by the con­trac­tors under his/her tasks and the rela­ted spe­cia­lists, to coor­di­na­te the adop­ted tech­ni­cal solu­ti­ons, while working on the facilities. 
  • Pro­vi­de tech­ni­cal assi­s­tance to the engi­neers working with him/her on the assi­gned faci­li­ties, make sket­ches for them, recom­mend solu­ti­on charts and a list of tech­ni­cal documentation. 
  • Ensu­re that the requi­re­ments of the app­li­ca­ble regu­la­to­ry docu­ments, as well as tech­ni­cal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons and design assign­ments are obser­ved and, if necessa­ry, coor­di­na­te devia­ti­ons from them during the design of the faci­li­ties assi­gned to him/her.
  • Deter­mi­ne and coor­di­na­te the volu­me of design mate­ri­als with the chief specialist. 
  • Pre­pa­re, in con­junc­tion with the chief spe­cia­list, coun­ter assign­ments to the rela­ted spe­cia­lists and coor­di­na­te tho­se with the chief pro­ject engineer. 
  • Ensu­re the deve­lo­p­ment of the necessa­ry opti­ons to iden­ti­fy the most appro­pria­te and cost-effec­ti­ve design solutions 
  • Visit con­struc­tion sites to obtain base­li­ne data, per­form inspec­tion of the con­struc­tion sites. Par­ti­ci­pa­te in design review commissions. 
  • Incre­a­se the level of his/her tech­ni­cal, eco­no­mic know­ledge in accordance with the scope requi­red to per­form his/her func­tio­n­al duties. 
  • Ensu­re com­pli­an­ce with the occup­a­tio­nal safe­ty in accordance with the type of work performed. 
  • Be fami­li­ar with and com­ply with the Com­pany’s qua­li­ty assuran­ce rules and car­ry out acti­vi­ties pro­vi­ded by the rele­vant procedures. 
  • Iden­ti­fy devia­ti­ons from the plan during the ear­ly sta­ges of the Pro­ject and make cor­rec­ti­ve measures. 
  • Immedia­te­ly noti­fy the Pro­ject Mana­ger about non-stan­dard events, espe­cial­ly with regard to their pos­si­ble impact on the Contract. 
  • Attend all the cour­ses orga­ni­zed by the Com­pa­ny, if necessary.



  • Sound know­ledge and under­stan­ding of tech­ni­cal terms and conditions. 
  • Fami­li­ar with all pha­ses of EPC Contracts. 
  • Awa­reness of com­pli­an­ce and audit processes. 
  • Abi­li­ty to iden­ti­fy chan­ges and impro­ve­ments to tech­ni­cal docu­men­ta­ti­on and pro­ce­du­res to reflect the Client’s chan­ging requirements. 
  • Know­ledge of com­pu­ter based sys­tems inclu­ding CAD, Data­ba­se Manage­ment sys­tems, Micro­soft Office or equi­va­lent soft­ware packages. 
  • Be proac­ti­ve, initia­ti­ve and have abi­li­ty to work without supervision. 
  • Sys­te­ma­tic thin­king, good orga­niz­a­tio­nal and time manage­ment skills. 
  • Decisi­ve, abi­li­ty to be firm and con­vin­cing, without even having the requi­red authority. 
  • Abi­li­ty to work in a team wit­hin their func­tio­n­al respon­si­bi­li­ties and bey­ond such a framework. 
  • Be sen­si­ti­ve to the Client’s requi­re­ments and remain Client-focused. 

Edu­ca­ti­on: Bache­lor degree in engi­nee­ring is mini­mum requirement.
Mas­ter degree preferred
Lan­guage skills: Kazakh and Rus­si­an are mandatory.
Eng­lish is advantageous
Pro­fes­sio­nal expe­ri­ence: Min 10 years, (Min 5 years – in lead experience)


Arbeitsort: ILF-Kazakhstan, Büro Atyrau
Verfügbar ab: Jetzt


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