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Lead Electrical Engineer (National Staff)


  • Lead develo­pment of electrical design for the full set of project documen­tation, principle diagrams, drawings, explanatory notes, etc. for outdoor lighting, power electric equipment, power supply and other sections. Designing of the above-mentioned sections includes the following: 
  • Calcu­lation of electrical loads 
  • Designing of outdoor and indoor power supply systems 
  • Perfor­mance of lightning protection and grounding calculation 
  • Develo­pment of single line diagrams and electric equipment control diagrams 
  • Analysis and selection of electrical equipment (power distri­bution system (high and low voltage switchgear, trans­formers, electric motors, adjus­table speed drives, battery chargers batteries, UPS and air power lines), power supply management system, cathodic protection system, grounding and lightning protection system, lighting system) 
  • Designing of air and cable lines of up to 35 kV 
  • Develo­pment of cathodic protection system of struc­tures (pipelines, tanks, etc.) 
  • Designing of outdoor and indoor lighting systems 
  • Lead develo­pment of project specific engineering solutions without super­vision in order to meet the project goals 
  • Lead develo­pment of package-engineering (bid evaluation, vetting, expediting, commis­sioning support) 
  • Coordinate different electrical engineering activities in the electrical team and in other engineering disciplines 
  • Lead organiz­ation, initiation, and follow-up of the project files and documen­tation, including maintaining the standard project files structure on project server. 
  • Respon­sible to oversee all electrical engineering related documents before being issued for Inter­di­sci­plinary Check and before submission to Clients 
  • Respon­sible to implement all required electrical engineering related measures to ensure quality at source 
  • Train and mentor junior engineers



  • Must have sound knowledge and under­standing of technical terms and conditions. 
  • Familiar with all phases of сontracts. 
  • Awareness of compliance and audit processes. 
  • Ability to identify changes and impro­ve­ments to the technical documen­tation and proce­dures to reflect Client’s changing requirements. 
  • Knowledge of computer-based systems including, CAD, Database Management systems, Excel, Word, Microsoft Office or equivalent software packages. 
  • Be proactive, a self-starter and ability to work without supervision. 
  • Syste­matic thinker and good organiz­a­tional skills/ time management. 
  • Strong perso­nality with ability to be firm and persuasive without authority. 
  • Team player within and across functions. 
  • Sensitive to Client’s requi­re­ments and Client-focused. 

Education: Bachelor degree in engineering is minimum requirement.
Master degree preferred

Language skills: English and Russian are mandatory.
Kazakh is advantageous

Profes­sional experience: Min 10 years, (Min 5 years – managerial experience)

Almaty, 5/2

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Arbeitsort: ILF-Kazakhstan, Büro Almaty
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