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Lead Mechanical Engineer (National Staff)


  • Lead Mecha­nical and Piping Disci­pline Team of the Project 
  • Ensure that all work designed or supplied by the mecha­nical and piping engineering disci­plines comply with the relevant standards, health and safety requi­re­ments, including any regula­tions or codes referred to within the required juris­diction for the Project with due consi­de­ration of relevant client engineering standards 
  • Develop a thorough under­standing of the project requi­re­ments as they relate to scope, execution strategy, cost and schedule with the Engineering Manager 
  • Prepare lists of engineering deliver­ables and time-based functions to facilitate the planning and control of the engineering budget 
  • Develop the work plan for insertion into the Project specific execution plan and develop and maintain the Project’s scope of work documen­tation and revise as required during the design evolution 
  • Manage and review the engineering work packages associated with all deliver­ables and time-based functions to ensure that budgets and schedules are being met, and take corrective action if necessary 
  • Review and approve technical deliverables 
  • Assist in the prepa­ration and develo­pment of project specific procedures 
  • Manage system requi­re­ments to achieve the Project results and monitor effectiveness 
  • Represent the Mechanical/Piping practice in project engineering co-ordination meetings 
  • Ensure coordi­nation, between the Mechanical/Piping team and other disci­plines of all activities being performed as the design evolves 
  • Ensure that audits of engineering work are carried out in accordance with Project proce­dures and the quality assurance plan and maintain technical documentation 
  • Assist/support the quality assurance and control activities, including the technical and produc­tivity wise develo­pment of engineers / designers 
  • Parti­cipate in HAZOP reviews 
  • Ensure resolution of engineering issues during Project lifecycle, including planning phase, design, procu­rement, fabri­cation, construction and commissioning 
  • Promote and maintain the appli­cation of ethical and profes­sional practices in the execution of engineering work



  • Must be able to lead the Mecha­nical and Piping Team 
  • Must have sound knowledge and under­standing of technical terms and condi­tions in the mecha­nical and piping disciplines 
  • Familiar with all phases of EPC Contracts. 
  • Awareness of Compliance and ISO Audit Processes. 
  • Ability to identify changes and impro­ve­ments to the technical documen­tation and proce­dures to reflect Client’s changing requirements. 
  • Expert knowledge of computer-based systems including Database Management systems, Microsoft Project, Primavera, Microsoft Office or equivalent software packages. 
  • Be proactive, a self-starter and ability to work without supervision. 
  • Syste­matic thinker and good organiz­a­tional skills/ time management. 
  • Strong perso­nality with ability to be firm and persuasive without authority. 
  • Team player within and across functions. 
  • Sensitive to Client’s requi­re­ments and Client-focused. 

Education: Bachelor degree in engineering-mecha­nical is minimum requi­rement; Master degree preferred

Language skills: English and Russian Mandatory

Profes­sional experience: Min 10 years – technical disci­pline experience with inter­na­tional engineering company, (Min 5 years – managerial experience)

Almaty, 5/2

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Arbeitsort: ILF-Kazakhstan, Büro Almaty
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