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Pipeline Construction Utility Supervisor



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This Oppor­tunity is for Nigerians who are willing to work in Abuja-Kaduna-Kano Locations. 

Functional Role on Project: 

  • Coordi­nates pre-construction meetings to inspect and review project drawings, materials, and verify EPC Contractor’s license; negotiates, deter­mines, or verifies the necessity of field changes and EPC Contractor drawings to reflect as-built condi­tions and materials. 
  • Performs and logs necessary testing to include soil tests, pressure tests, flushing and disin­fectant sampling. 
  • Maintains records and documen­tation on all site inspections. 
  • Manages utility inspectors and works directly with project coordi­nators, EPC Contractors and various other construction workers who oversee and support the execution of the project, while delivering on individual project objectives. 
  • Organizes and maintains an inventory of tools, equipment, and supplies. 
  • Drives field decision-making and coordi­nates with centra­lized scheduling, internal and/or external service providers and support depart­ments (environ­mental) and external agencies to ensure that work is performed as planned, permitted and scheduled. 
  • Orders materials and tools needed to properly execute all field works. 
  • Reviews and approves work orders, progress reports, field changes, to ensure compliance with project standards and policies. 
  • Provides vision and direction for utility inspectors and construction crews within a functional or regional area of responsibility. 
  • Evaluates and recom­mends field design changes to optimize project execution. 
  • Estab­lishes and monitors work goals and objec­tives. Measures employee perfor­mance and sets safety, quality and produc­tivity metrics. 
  • Supports and assists maintenance personnel in achieving timely and efficient maintenance schedules; provides oppor­tu­nities for training on routine prevention maintenance activities. 
  • Plans, schedules, and monitors all work being performed by contractors. 
  • Develop technical and / or adminis­trative corre­spon­dence, reports, operating proce­dures and documentation. 
  • Performs quality inspec­tions on completed jobs; ensures confor­mance with project policies and proce­dures, safety codes, engineering speci­fi­ca­tions, and local, State, and Federal laws, and regulations.



Minimum 5 years’ experience as a Pipeline Construction Utility Supervisor.
BSc (Hons) Minimum in Engineering / Construction Management.
Over 15 years of construction experience of which 5 out of the 15 must be pipeline super­vision project. 

  • Experience supporting Utility opera­tions in a Pipeline construction environment. 
  • Thorough knowledge of construction and inspection techniques, proce­dures, regula­tions, methods and tests related to water pipeline installation. 
  • Knowledge of occup­a­tional hazards, safety precau­tions, and safety regulations. 
  • Knowledge of leadership techniques, principles and proce­dures to assign work, schedule, supervise, train, and evaluate the work of assigned staff. 
  • Extensive Pipeline Construction proven successful experience in an equivalent position on large diameter pipelines construction. 
  • Ability to deliver infor­mation in a clear and respec­table manner to fellow team members and the EPC Contractors. 
  • Must work well in large teams with staff members of all backgrounds and skill levels. 
  • Experience directing the efforts on more than one project at a time and have multiple respon­si­bi­lities across assign­ments is preferred. 
  • Strong analy­tical problem-solving capability. 
  • Ability to utilize Microsoft Office 2013 (Excel, Word, Access, Power­Point, Outlook). 
  • Working knowledge of major inter­na­tional construction standards ASME, ANSI, BS etc. 
  • Demons­trated ability to provide and/or develop final work products while providing quality control over project work. 
  • Available to Work shifts and over weekends. 
  • Trained in confined space and OSHA construction safety. 
  • Knowledge and experience using computer software. 
  • Ability to interact effec­tively with technical and non-technical staff. 
  • Ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instruc­tions and reports in mathe­ma­tical or diagram form and deal with multiple variables. 
  • Strong analytic capabi­lities and the ability to work independently. 
  • Good oral and written commu­ni­cation skills. 
  • An eye for detail and ability to prepare clear and accurate reports. 
  • Ability to commu­nicate logically and clearly with management and staff of the EPC Contractors. 
  • Ability to handle the physical aspects of required field work. 
  • Commitment to safe work practices. 
  • Profi­cient knowledge of fall protection and work zone safety. 
  • Ability to work in a multi­cul­tural team environment as well as under minimum supervision


Arbeitsort: ILF Nigeria, office Lagos
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