Trainee and regional training programmes


Trainee programme

Today’s efforts will secure future success!

We believe that young talents deserve every possible learning experience and therefore we created the ILF Inter­na­tional Trainee Programme for young engineers. A multi-year exchange programme, it allows the parti­ci­pants to get to know other locations, countries and depart­ments, thereby ensuring that our leaders of tomorrow have a versatile and expanded view of ILF in all its business areas.

Whether you join one of the virtual compe­tence teams, take part in a develo­pment programme of the ILF Academy for young engineers, project managers, executive staff, custo­mised on-the-job learning, committee assign­ments, research, or acquire experience on a construction site: learning is part of your job!

Regional training programmes

In addition to the group-wide training programmes, each ILF company provides its employees with tailored training oppor­tu­nities at a regional level.

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