Process Engineer (National Staff)


  • Assists in the develo­pment of Project Process Engineering CTR’s for review with Chief Engineer. 
  • Reports to the Lead Engineer the status of Process Engineering activities and Deliverables. 
  • Initiates the develo­pment of all required disci­pline deliver­ables for the assigned area. 
  • Ensures commu­ni­cation flow, both verbal and written, is maintained within Process Engineering group and with other engineering disciplines. 
  • Assists with the upkeep of storage and listing of all Process Engineering specific standards stored on the computer network. 
  • Coordi­nates Process Engineering design activities with other design and engineering groups. 
  • Identifies devia­tions in job scope, estimates, and initiates PVN’s.
  • Receives and distri­butes design instruc­tions pertaining to plant design requi­re­ments and procedures. 
  • Represents Area/Unit Process Engineering in meetings with suppliers, subcon­tractors, licensors, clients, and other Company disci­plines, and produces documen­tation required for confe­rence or meeting notes. 
  • Develo­pment of Area/Unit Process Engineering design drawings. 
  • Submits Area/Unit Process Engineering design drawings to Lead Engineer for issue. 
  • Monitors quality control for assigned area. 
  • Assists in the develo­pment of the Process Engineering project completion report. 
  • Сo-ordinates or carries out work on site surveys, measu­re­ments, acts of accep­tance, and other site engineering activities.



Compe­tency requirements:

  • Must have sound knowledge and under­standing of technical terms and conditions. 
  • Familiar with all phases of Contracts. 
  • Awareness of compliance and audit processes. 
  • Ability to identify changes and impro­ve­ments to the technical documen­tation and proce­dures to reflect Client’s changing requirements. 
  • Knowledge of computer based systems including, CAD, Database Management systems, Excel, Word, Microsoft Office or equivalent software packages. 
  • Be proactive, a self-starter and ability to work without supervision. 
  • Syste­matic thinker and good organiz­a­tional skills/ time management. 
  • Strong perso­nality with ability to be firm and persuasive without authority. 
  • Team player within and across functions. 
  • Sensitive to Client’s requi­re­ments and Client-focused. 

Education: Bachelor degree in engineering is minimum requi­rement. Master degree preferred.

Language skills: Russian and English are mandatory.
Kazakh is advantageous.
Profes­sional experience: Min 3–5 years

Almaty, 5/2

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Arbeitsort: ILF-Kazakhstan, Büro Almaty
Verfügbar ab: Jetzt


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