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Resources & Sustainable Industry Division

Resources & Sustainable Industry Division

Resources & Sustainable Industry Division

Resources & Sustainable Industry Division

Resources & Sustainable Industry Division

Resources & Sustainable Industry Division

Resources & Sustainable Industry Division

Resources & Sustainable Industry Division



The Resources & Sustainable Industry division within ILF-AUT consists of the following four departments: Industrial Projects, Industrial Plant Engineering, Industrial Construction Engineering and Sustainable Industrial Solutions. All of these departments work together as one unit, collaborating with each other in a very integrated and overarching way within projects and also on an administrative and organizational level.

Industrial Projects: This department focuses on project management and also covers areas such as project services and project procurement. The goal is to manage projects efficiently and effectively from planning to implementation.

Industrial Plant Engineering: Specializing in the design of industrial plants, this department covers key disciplines such as mechanical engineering, plant design/pipeline engineering and electrical & instrumentation engineering. Expertise in these disciplines is critical to the development and optimization of highly complex plant systems.

Industrial Construction Engineering: With a focus on industrial plant construction/civil engineering, this department deals with the structural side of industrial projects. From basic design to construction, the focus is on applying engineering principles in the building industry.

Sustainable Industrial Solutions: This department covers areas such as process engineering, turbo machinery and sustainable technologies.

In general, we assist our clients in the complex energy and process industry during all phases of their projects, from feasibility and conceptual studies, basic engineering (permit application design) and FEED to construction design and detailed design, which also includes providing support during the tendering procedure and carrying out the entire procurement process on behalf of clients. Our Discipline Site Supervisors and the Construction Management team accompany and coordinate the execution of construction work as well as the final commissioning and start-up of the planned plants. Furthermore, our experts advise international clients by providing them with technical consulting services in the field of thermal turbomachinery and process engineering. We recognized the necessity of playing an active role in the energy transition at a very early stage. The focus of our projects has therefore significantly shifted towards sustainability in recent years.

Our strategic direction is now increasingly focused on projects that deal with reducing energy consumption and the resources used, maximizing energy efficiency, the circular economy, substituting non-renewable sources of energy or fossil fuels with renewable ones and emission and waste prevention. Sustainable/synthetic chemicals & fuels, green hydrogen, plastic & battery recycling, and Carbon Capture and Utilization (and Storage) (CCU(S)) are topics which we see as being crucial for our future development and we are sure to make a valuable contribution for the general public, also in terms of having a positive impact on the achievement of relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



The Resources & Sustainable Industry division is continuously growing and currently has approximately 140 colleagues, 130 of whom are ILF employees and around 10 of whom are leased personnel with a long-standing working relationship with ILF. Both the Industrial Projects department and the Industrial Construction Engineering department each have approximately 30 employees, whereas the Industrial Plant Engineering department is the largest of the division’s departments, with approximately 45 employees, and the Sustainable Industrial Solutions department has around 25 employees.

The main disciplines covered by our division include process engineering, mechanical engineering, pipeline engineering, electrical & instrumentation engineering and civil engineering. Our team is made up of Design Engineers, who use 3D and integrated engineering tools, Technical Experts and Lead Engineers, as well as technically trained Project Managers (PMs), a Project Service team that supports these PMs with controlling, reporting and scheduling, and Technical Project Procurement and Authority Engineering Coordinators.

The exciting and challenging parts of our work are on the one hand the projects which are tailored to our clients’ needs, and on the other hand, the continuous development of our tools and implementation methods. Here, the focus is on increasingly software-based planning and design in integrated 3D engineering tools as well as supporting processes and workflows using modern applications, which above all should minimize interface problems and inefficiencies, and increase quality and seamless cooperation. In doing so, we try to continuously develop and improve ourselves – both on a personal and professional level – by taking on the constructive feedback we receive and undergoing technical and execution-related on-the-job training.

 “We have a rich diversity in terms of specialized technical competence and expertise. This diversity of different engineering disciplines, paired with the internationality and the associated cultural influences within our team, enrich our daily project work and, above all, the well-balanced and open manner with which we interact with one other. Our solution-oriented mindset is the basis for the successful implementation of interesting and complex projects.”


Christian Pataky

Geschäftsbereichsleiter Ressourcen & Nachhaltige Industrie



“The flexibility of our team is impressive, but what truly stands out is the mutual support we give each other when facing the diverse challenges of our daily projects. This collegial atmosphere makes every workday special and drives us to achieve excellence together.”


Marianna E.

Senior Project Manager

“Having worked at ILF for 17 years, I am personally convinced that the working environment at ILF is second to none. In addition to exciting and, above all, promising projects (including the challenges that come with such projects), working here also means getting to work in a professional, collegial and friendly environment. I am therefore already looking forward to the future, where I will continue to play a role in sustainably shaping the energy sector together with ILF.”


Michael G.

Senior Engineer – Plant Design

“For me, working at ILF Austria means getting to enjoy working on a wide variety of projects, exciting trips abroad and a personal development space that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. I also find it particularly interesting to work with very experienced international colleagues, as this gives me the opportunity to learn something new almost every day.”

Florian K.

Engineer Sustainable Technologies

“We had a challenging project where we had to build a pipeline that crossed railway lines, 3 sections of a river and a bird protection area, and also ran under the highway before entering the refinery complex. The challenge was not only technical, but also due to the weather conditions. We had to finish certain sections within certain timeframes to avoid snow or strong winds on the structure and also to avoid disturbing the birds in the area. After a joint effort, we celebrated finalizing the project with a ʺget togetherʺ where we had dinner together, relaxed and laughed about what we had gone through in order to achieve the goal.”


Florencia Maria F.

Senior Engineer – Plant Design

“When it comes to the technical coordination of our projects, what I value most about our team is the close collaboration, the exceptional working atmosphere and the remarkable spirit of teamwork which I have with my colleagues. Our department is a fusion of diverse talents, where everyone brings their unique skills to the table, creating a synergy that drives our collective success. Over the past few years “post-COVID”, we have faced significant challenges in meeting tight deadlines for various projects. Through solid teamwork, dedication and a problem-solving approach, we have not only overcome these challenges, but also achieved exceptional results. These experiences have taught us the value of resilience and collaboration, and have strengthened the cohesion of our team.”


Eduardo Enrique P.

Senior Engineering Manager




  • Bio-Methanation Plant: Electrochaea’s proprietary power-to-gas process converts renewable energy into hydrogen and then produces synthetic methane in a bioreactor using biocatalysts (archaea)
  • Green Ammonia Linz, Austria: Production of green ammonia for the first time in Austria through the implementation of a 60 MW electrolyzer at the Borealis site on the Chemical Park in Linz
  • Rainbach Decarbonization Compressor Station, Austria: Replacement of an existing gas turbine compressor unit with a new 16 MW electrically driven compressor to reduce CO2 and methane emissions
  • Lighthouse Mechanical Plastic Recycling Project: Commercialization of recycled polyolefin products (a portfolio of high-quality rPP and rHDPE compounds with a recycled content of 25 to 100% – with an annual mechanical plastics recycling capacity of 80,000 to 90,000 tons) to regular polyolefin customers
  • Construction of a new gas hub system at a central gas distribution station for the European gas market


  • our team unites colleagues from 21 different countries
  • 25% of our team colleagues are female
  • we have implemented 190 projects in the last 5 years
  • we have >25 years of experience in the field of complex (process) industrial plant construction
  • our dedicated colleagues have supervised, and ILF has supported, approximately 25 bachelor/master theses and PHDs in the last 3 years
Bio-C1 Target – ©Electrochaea GmbH
Green Ammonia Linz - ©Borealis
Decarbonization Compressor Station - ©Gas Connect Austria
Mechanical Plastic Recycling - ©Adobe



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