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Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Department



Without electrical engineering, many things would not work the way we are used to today. Electrical engineering plays an indispensable role in the field of engineering and is a crucial building block in our rapidly evolving modern world. As the Electrical Engineering Department at ILF in Austria, we are proud to make a significant contribution to the realization of projects, playing an important role in almost all of ILF’s projects. However, we also work on a large number of independent projects, mainly in the field of technical equipment for road tunnels and railway systems, as well as renewable energy (mainly photovoltaic systems), from feasibility studies and BIM modeling to commissioning. Our expertise covers various fields of electrical engineering, including power supply, communication systems and automation technology.

By working closely with other technical departments and interdisciplinary teams, we ensure the successful completion of our projects. We strive to develop sustainable and future-proof solutions and to implement these in a wide range of complex projects in the areas of transportation, energy, building technology and industry. Our team values the variety of tasks that we get to work on, whether in the field of planning and design and/or as part of site supervision teams during project implementation. We work on numerous construction and refurbishment projects, primarily in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, but also in other countries overseas. We focus on continuous professional development and the optimization of project preparation and development using modern planning and design tools.



Our Electrical Engineering Department is divided into two separate departments – the Electrical Engineering Department East in Graz and the Electrical Engineering Department West in Innsbruck. Together, we form a network of professionals who contribute our expertise and experience to the most diverse fields of electrical engineering. Depending on project requirements, we cooperate closely within our departments and with other departments within ILF Consulting Engineers to develop innovative solutions for our clients.

In both the departments East and West we attach great importance to there being a friendly atmosphere in our team, based on mutual respect and appreciation. This encourages team work and knowledge exchange, which enable us to successfully implement complex projects.

As Department Managers, we are passionate about creating an environment where each individual can develop their full potential and contribute to the success of the team.

“Our young and motivated team is not only committed to their work, but also undertakes joint activities to strengthen our team spirit. In addition to our work on exciting and sustainable infrastructure projects, we attach great importance to maintaining a balance between planning and design work and working on construction sites. As Department Manager for the members of our department located in eastern Austria, it is important to me that we can tackle new challenges as a team, that everyone continues to develop personally and that we don’t lose the necessary fun in our work.”

Michael Blümel

Department Manager – Electrical Engineering East

“I am proud of the development and potential of each member of the team, the willingness to take on new challenges and the positive atmosphere. Our young, dynamic and friendly team tackles difficult tasks with expertise, commitment and mutual support. As Department Manager for the members of our department located in western Austria, I am committed to creating optimal working conditions, promoting the personal development of each member of the team and ensuring that we work together in a pleasant and motivating manner.”

Hubert Heis

Department Manager – Electrical Engineering West


“I find my work at ILF particularly exciting because we are a young and highly motivated team working on a variety of different and challenging projects. The excellent spirit within our team and the collaboration with other departments, such as the Water and Environmental Engineering department and the Mechanical Engineering department, enables us to implement large-scale projects with innovative thinking and to celebrate successes together. Our continuous development is what makes us successful and unique.”

Michael H.

Young Engineer (Electrical Engineering West)

“I am particularly proud to be part of a team at ILF that is characterized by a strong team spirit, effective management and a continuous exchange of skills. The variety of daily challenges and the success of completed projects, combined with the opportunity to pass on professional expertise to others, spurs me on every day and fills me with satisfaction.”

Wolfgang G.

Project Manager (Electrical Engineering East)

“Since I started working at ILF in 2022, I have become fully integrated into the team. The direct contact and collaboration with our clients provide me with new motivation every day. I enjoy sharing my many years of professional experience with my (younger) colleagues.”

Michael F.

Project Manager (Electrical Engineering West)

“At ILF, a lot of attention is paid to good teamwork. I like the fact that there are so many different departments at our office location and that we can therefore communicate directly and quickly with colleagues, for example over coffee in the morning.”

Marie P.

Project Manager (Electrical Engineering East)



Examples of our departments’ work include the planning and design of the second longest road tunnel in Germany (Construction of the new 4.2-km-long Hirschhagen Tunnel on the A44 Motorway) and site supervision during rehabilitation of the (approx. 15-km-long) Arlberg Tunnel.
Further examples include the planning and design of the cut-and-cover tunnel for Graz Airport (Construction of a new 3.2-km-long tunnel in the city of Graz) and site supervision for the Granitztal Tunnel/Lavanttal (Lavant Valley) Station as part of the Koralm Railway Line project – one of the largest infrastructure projects.
Another example of one of our major road reference projects is site supervision for the S7 Fürstenfeld Expressway.


  • comprise multicultural teams with colleagues from 8 different nations
  • have worked as the lead departments on more than 60 projects
  • successfully participate in the annual Company Run (ʺFirmenlaufʺ) held in many cities throughout Austria
  • organize and go on some pretty cool excursions, from via ferrata to Hüttengaudi, rambling from one vineyard to another, to our annual ski day
  • like to celebrate special occasions with a piece of cake in the office
  • have a lot of fun and enjoyment at work, which can often be heard by other colleagues in the office 😉




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