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Hydropower Engineering

The expan­si­on of hydro­power as a reli­able, sus­tainab­le and long-term cost effi­ci­ent source of ener­gy is expe­ri­en­cing a renais­sance in many regi­ons. ILF actively hel­ps shape this expan­si­on by mana­ging cus­to­mi­zed pro­jects of any type and size. In the last 35 years ILF has suc­cess­ful­ly plan­ned and desi­gned 130 hydro­power pro­jects with capa­ci­ties of up to 1,400 MW around the world. As a one-stop shop ILF pro­vi­des inte­gra­ted, inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry ser­vices for hydro­power pro­jects from the initi­al stu­dy, through the design and ten­der pha­se to com­mis­sio­ning and start-up. Empha­sis is always pla­ced on deve­lo­ping indi­vi­du­al solu­ti­ons that meet the most strin­gent qua­li­ty stan­dards and take com­plex frame­work con­di­ti­ons into account.

To opti­mi­ze pro­jects in terms of eco­no­mic effi­ci­en­cy, ILF also uses uni­que spe­cial soft­ware (such as REN­Risk) and per­forms finan­cial ana­ly­ses. The ear­ly inte­gra­ti­on of all rele­vant sta­ke­hol­ders to incre­a­se a project’s accep­t­ance and likeli­hood of appro­val, and the dili­gent pre­pa­ra­ti­on of Envi­ron­men­tal and Social Impact Assess­ments in line with inter­na­tio­nal stan­dards (e.g. IFC, equa­tor princi­ples) com­ple­ment ILF’s ran­ge of ser­vices. Among ILF’s cli­ents are public insti­tu­ti­ons, pri­va­te pro­ject deve­lo­pers, renow­ned con­struc­tion com­pa­nies, and inter­na­tio­nal finan­cial institutions.

ILF ren­ders all ser­vices requi­red to suc­cess­ful­ly imple­ment hydro­power engi­nee­ring pro­jects. The­se ser­vices include:

Pro­ject Ser­vices for Hydro­power Plants:

  • Pro­ject manage­ment inclu­ding pro­ject control
  • Stu­dies of alter­na­ti­ves for hydro­power plants using ILF’s spe­cial in-house software
  • Con­cep­tu­al design
  • Fea­si­bi­li­ty studies
  • Finan­cial stu­dies and ana­ly­ses, tariff model­ling, cost-bene­fit analyses
  • Bank­a­ble fea­si­bi­li­ty studies
  • Per­mit app­li­ca­ti­on design
  • Basic design
  • Pre­pa­ra­ti­on of ten­der docu­ments (for dif­fe­rent con­tract models such as FIDIC, DB/EPC, DBB, PPP, etc.)
  • Detail­ed design
  • Con­struc­tion design
  • Con­struc­tion supervision
  • Com­mis­sio­ning and sup­port during operation
  • As-built docu­men­ta­ti­on

Tech­ni­cal Ser­vices for Hydro­power Plants:

  • Hydro­power and pum­ped sto­rage poten­ti­al stu­dies and mas­ter plans to iden­ti­fy eco­no­mi­c­al­ly and eco­lo­gi­cal­ly fea­si­ble power plant sites for spe­ci­fied areas
  • River manage­ment programs
  • Hydro­lo­gi­cal ana­ly­ses, sedi­ment trans­port studies
  • Natu­ral hazard ana­ly­ses (avalan­ches, rock­falls, debris flows, floo­ds, etc.)
  • Stu­dies on reser­voir sedi­men­ta­ti­on and flushing
  • Steady sta­te and tran­si­ent hydrau­lic analyses
  • Civil and struc­tu­ral engi­nee­ring for dams and structures
  • Tun­nels, caverns and under­ground structures
  • Geo­lo­gi­cal and geo­tech­ni­cal con­sul­ting services
  • Mecha­ni­cal and electri­cal engineering
  • Design of tur­bi­nes, hydrau­lic steel struc­tures, instru­men­ta­ti­on and con­trol equipment
  • Envi­ron­men­tal and social impact assess­ments and monitoring
  • Land­s­cape pro­tec­tion and natu­re con­ser­va­ti­on measures

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