Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy

The utiliz­ation of renewable energy contri­butes signi­fi­cantly to protecting the climate and helps municipal energy suppliers to both improve their CO2 balance and to reduce their depen­dence on expensive fossil fuels. Biomass power plants, geothermal plants, and wind and solar power plants are gaining impor­tance for the local and regional supplies of power and heat.

For the design and imple­men­tation of these projects, ILF combines cutting-edge expertise, years of experience, and compre­hensive resources from its other business areas.

In addition to providing engineering services throughout all project phases, ILF also supports its clients in developing custo­mized energy concepts, optimizing energy consumption and total investment, developing financing strategies, organizing and assisting with permit appli­cation proce­dures, and super­vising construction and start-up.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Photo­voltaic (PV) and concen­trated solar power (CSP) plants
  • Geothermal plants
  • Biomass combined heat and power plants
  • Biogas plants
  • Biofuel plants
  • Wind farms
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