Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage


Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

Carbon capture and storage or carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is the process of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from point indus­trial sources before it enters the atmos­phere, often compressing and trans­porting it, and storing it in under­ground geolo­gical forma­tions. In cases where CO2 can be used for enhanced energy recovery, the process is referred to as carbon capture, utiliz­ation, and storage (CCUS).

CCS can be applied to a vast number of indus­tries comprising fossil fuel-based power plants, oil refineries, natural gas processing, petro­che­micals, cement production, steel­making, synthetic fuel plants, and fossil fuel-based hydrogen production plants (Blue Hydrogen).

The successful imple­men­tation of a CCS/CCUS project depends on a well-selected and coordi­nated project execution strategy. Our profound experience in project develo­pment combined with a knowled­geable team, providing support across the full value chain of CCS/CCUS, enables us to provide related consul­tancy services from the early stages of the project up to the operation phase.

ILF’s in-house experts cover all disci­plines across the full value chain of CCS/CCUS projects. These disci­plines include process engineering, mecha­nical and piping engineering, pipeline engineering, electrical and control engineering, civil and struc­tural engineering, environ­mental engineering, geotech­nical and reservoir engineering, etc.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • CO2 Capture
  • CO2 Pipeline Transportation
  • CO2 Utiliz­ation, Storage / Sequestration
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