The world we live in today has been shaped by crude oil, a natural resource. Being an econo­mical primary energy carrier with high energy density, it has improved wealth and provided acces­si­bility to energy intensive products at reasonable prices. Looking to the future, refinery operators will have to prepare for challenges, such as crude oil feedstocks with a more complex compo­sition, growing market requests for clean fuels, increased demand for energy efficiency by regulators and, current role and impact of digita­liz­ation and climate change.

Refineries of the future will have to adapt to their customers’ needs and gain public accep­tance. It is imperative that refiners place their focus on high-value products produced through sophisti­cated and energy-efficient processes, being environ­mentally compliant with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

As an independent consultant with a strong engineering backbone, ILF helps its clients to provide sustainable, value creating hydro­carbons that allow mankind to prepare for the future and also generate wealth.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Crude oil distil­lation plants
  • Naphtha treatment plants
  • Gas treatment plants
  • Flue gas treatment plants
  • Feedstock and product logistics facilities
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