Modern infra­st­ructure in the areas of traffic and transport, as well as supply and disposal (e.g. of water, energy and/or data) forms the basis for coope­ration and coexis­tence. In times of constantly growing demand for resources and mobility in our globally networked world, very high and complex demands are being placed on the renewal and optimiz­ation, as well as the maintenance and expansion, of our entire infra­st­ructure, especially engineering structures.

ILF Consulting Engineers knows what is essential when designing such struc­tures and is therefore able to develop sustainable and future-proof solutions for clients.

For four decades, ILF has been providing compre­hensive services for various engineering struc­tures, such as bridges, tunnels, open-cut struc­tures, retaining walls, noise barriers, etc., for road and railway traffic.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Bridges
  • Retaining struc­tures
  • Cut-and-cover tunnels and open-cut structures
  • Excavation sheeting
  • Founda­tions
  • Special foundation engineering

For job appli­ca­tions and job-related questions, please contact or the HR partner named within the job descrip­tions listed here:

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