Water & Environment


Water & Environment

With an ever incre­asing population and a rise in urbaniz­ation and infra­st­ructure develo­pment, water and environ­mental issues, culmi­nating also in changes to our climate, are some of the main obstacles facing today’s world. In line with its corporate sustaina­bility objec­tives, ILF strives to create better living condi­tions and improve the quality of life worldwide.

In many parts of our planet, water is already a scarce commodity and demand exceeds current supply. Water has thus become a limiting factor in the stable develo­pment of many countries. Our environment is at the core of all our experi­ences, and as such, ILF regards the environment as something which touches everyone and everything.

Over the last 35 years ILF has prided itself in imple­menting a positive yet pragmatic approach to delivering both tangible and sustainable solutions for our clients. This is done by embracing project-related challenges, complying with all country-specific laws, applying inter­na­tional guide­lines and regula­tions, engaging in discerning discus­sions and imparting our own innovative inputs.

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