Development Opportunities


Your Development Opportunities at ILF

The oppor­tu­nities for advan­cement at ILF are as diverse and individual as the employees themselves. Whether you join one of the virtual compe­tence teams, take part in one of the ILF Academy’s training courses, gain or contribute experience on a construction site, learning objec­tives and develo­pment goals are part of your job!

Your advan­cement is essential to the conti­nuing success of ILF. The develo­pment paths shown below outline the career oppor­tu­nities open to you at ILF.

Career Paths

We believe that the long-term advan­cement and develo­pment of our employees is key to successful corporate develo­pment. Our career paths concept shows where your career at ILF Consulting Engineers may take you.

The different paths reflect the individual skills and capabi­lities of our employees. Each path places the main focus on different skills, from people and management skills to expert technical skills.

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