Klaus Robl, Alper Taşdemir, Ahmet Şaşmaz

The Sivas Gypsum Karst — Implications for Routing, Construction and Operation of the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline

Pipeline Technology Journal 03/21

Michael Kasch

The Perfect Blend ? The impact of hydrogen blending on the transport capacity of natural gas pipelines

World Pipelines / June 2021

M. Erath, J. Kottsieper, M. Watzal, C. July, A. Brown, E. Fournis, D. Drury

Scaling up green hydrogen in Europe

Webinar Scaling up green hydrogen in Europe, February 26, 2021

L. Prendl, K. Schenzel, R. Hofmann

Simultaneous integration of heat pumps and different thermal energy storages into a tightened multi-period MILP HENS superstructure formulation for industrial applications

Computers and Chemical Engineering 147 (2021) 107237

E. Stoll, F. Hanzer, F. Oesterle, J. Nemec, J. Schöber, M. Huttenlau, K. Förster

What Can We Learn from Comparing Glacio-Hydrological Models?

Atmosphere 2020, 11, 981; doi:10.3390/atmos11090981

M. Schwarzkopf

The impact of insufficient hydropower plant safety: A case study

Hydropower & Dams, Issue Five, page 68-72, 2020

J. Schlor, P. Zelenicka, M. Wagner

Managing the EPC-PMC Matrix

World Pipelines, May 2020

G. La Porta

A new standard in the sustainable development of human habitat: The Red Sea Project

GHORFA Yearbook 2020, page 42-46

C. Ladenhauf

Earthquake in Papua New Guinea Results in New Concept for Securing Pipelines in Ridgeline-Right-of-Way: The Micropile continguous Wall

International Pipeline Conference 2020

C. Prager, C. Ladenhauf, L. Schwarz, T. Strauhal, S. Unterrader

Multidisciplinary landslide assessment – a systematic and practicable approach for pipeline projects

15th Pipeline Technology Conference 2020, Berlin

R. Hofmann, V. Halmschlager, S. Knöttner, B. Leitner, D. Pernsteiner, L. Prendl, C. Sejkora, G. Steindl, A. Traupmann

Digitalization in Industry – An Austrian Perspective

Climate and Energy Fund of the Austrian Federal Government,

R. Poljak

Safety Systems Selection, page 50-51

M. Müller-Hagmann, I. Albayrak, C. Auel, R.M. Boes

Field Investigation on Hydroabrasion in High-Speed Sediment-Laden Flows at Sediment Bypass Tunnels

Water 2020, 12(2), 469

D. Kolymbas, I. Bathaeian

Numerically obtained vortices in granular media

International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics · August 2019

F. Diernhofer, K. Schneider, H. Steiner

Challenge of maintaining the Koralm Tunnel – Balancing operational availability and increasing railway equipment

Geomechanics and Tunneling 6, Volume 12, December 2019 (ISSN 1865-7362)

S. Seidl

The Bigger Picture

World Pipelines, December 2019

J. Kottsieper

Beschleunigte Projektvorbereitung in Afrika

Beratende Ingenieure · 11|12 2019, page 45-47

M. Barth, M. Kasch

Analytical Algorithms

World Pipelines, June 2019

T. Rother

Power from Pipelines, page 35-36, 2019

F. Beyer

Integrated Protection and Detection

World Pipelines / Extreme, 2019
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