Quantifying Hydrogen Production Capacity in Canada


Quantifying Hydrogen Production Capacity in Canada

ILF Consulting Inc., on behalf of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA), is developing an evergreen database of Canada’s hydrogen industry. This database will feature:

  • Existing, in-progress, and announced hydrogen facilities in Canada
  • Public access
  • Can be referenced by all interested parties, such as those wishing to develop or parti­cipate in hydrogen hubs.

How Can You Participate?

To be a key parti­cipant, please register using the link below. We will send you the parti­cipant package once it is ready in order for you to be part of this key industry resource.



If you would like more infor­mation about this important study, please register or contact one of our key project staff listed below.

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Learn more about ILF and our Hydrogen capabi­lities HERE

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