Energy Concepts


Energy Concepts

The incre­asing environ­mental awareness of society, industry and politics requires new avenues of energy production, trans­mission and distri­bution. Energy consul­tancy serves to analyze and structure infra­st­ructure plans to develop them into profi­table and energy-efficient investment projects. Taking an inter­di­sci­plinary approach contri­butes signi­fi­cantly to ensuring the success of an energy investment project.

Role of ILF

ILF not only provides “Engineering Excel­lence” in infra­st­ructure engineering but also ensures an independent view of the respective project requirements.

Multi-sector compe­tence allows ILF to provide one-stop consul­tancy services to support clients with inter­di­sci­plinary and holistic in-house expertise. ILF will tailor its energy consul­tancy services to the specific project requirements. 

Benefits to Clients

Defining the project structure early on in the project is essential to facili­tating efficient project imple­men­tation. Energy consul­tancy services help clients to under­stand the complexity of energy infra­st­ructure projects. ILF maintains excellent relati­onships with clients and stake­holders in the energy and infra­st­ructure sector. ILF’s combi­nation of technical, legal, commercial and economic background knowledge allows ILF’s clients to make informed decisions on promising investment opportunities.

Energy consul­tancy services typically include the following elements: 

  • General analysis of the client’s business model
  • Basic data
  • Routing and site assessment
  • System design
  • Cost estimation
  • Financial modeling
  • Legal and regulatory screening
  • Social and environ­mental screening
  • Economic cost-benefit analysis
  • Commercial struc­turing
  • Risk assessment and de-risking
  • Project execution planning
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