Sustainability Advisory Services


Sustainable planning, strategies & assessments

In the short to medium term, all industry practices will have to become more sustaina­bility. That is why it is necessary to develop green strategies and sustaina­bility action plans for energy, water, waste, construction, as well as infra­st­ructure and transport businesses.

Role of ILF

In its fields of activity, ILF helps  clients businesses to grow sustainably in accordance with inter­na­tional guide­lines and to develop sustainable projects. This will involve developing market strategies, assessing sustainable options over the whole project and product lifecycle, deter­mining the carbon footprint, developing mitiga­tions strategies as well as concepts for waste reduction and “cradle-to-cradle” approaches for material utiliz­ation, recycling and disposal.

ILF will inves­tigate the imple­men­tation of sustainable practices both in terms of social and environ­mental impact as well as lifecycle cost assessment recom­mending short-and long-term solutions based on state-of-the art and future industry develo­pment scenarios.

Benefits to Clients

Public corpo­ra­tions will benefit from the possi­bility to develop green strategies for their energy, trans­por­tation, water and waste management, while developers and contractors can benefit from perfor­mance optimiz­a­tions that ILF will identify based on future technology develo­pment, inter­na­tional policies and state-of-the-art industry practice. ILF will tailor its sustaina­bility advisory services to the specific project requirements. 


Sustaina­bility advisory services typically include the following elements: 

  • Sustaina­bility and green strategy and action plans
  • Analyses of energy, water and waste during operation
  • Plans for carbon management during operation
  • Perfor­mance impro­vement and smart design assistance
  • Waste management strategy plans
  • Sustainable procu­rement strategies
  • Sustaina­bility roadmaps
  • Life cycle assessment and cost analyses
  • Product and corporate environ­mental footprint analyses
  • Product portfolio analysis and improvement
  • Integrated sustaina­bility perfor­mance management
  • Sustainable urban planning and green building advisory services
  • Training on sustainable practices
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