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Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation



Our planet needs talented and dedicated young engineers to deal with the great challenges of the future, such as climate change.

* According to the principle of gender equality, all personal designations used, such as engineer, scholarship holder, etc. always refer to all genders.


About Adolf Feizlmayr

Adolf Feizlmayr is one of the two founders of the Ingenieurgemeinschaft Lässer-Feizlmayr (ILF), Innsbruck/Munich, which today operates as ILF Consulting Engineers.

Details about Adolf Feizlmayr can be found here.


Student Support by the
Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation

Throughout his professional career, Adolf Feizlmayr enjoyed working with talented young engineers. Seeking to foster their development, he applied the approach of supporting and challenging.

Given his interest in developing young talents, combined with his concern about the future of our planet, it was a logical step for him to establish the Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation: a foundation which amongst other things pursues the promotion of science and research for climate change mitigation and grants scholarships to talented and motivated students at the following universities:

  • Montanuniversität Leoben (MUL)
  • Technischen Universität München (TUM)

Further details about the two scholarships are given below.


Cooperation with ILF/
Club of Young Engineers

ILF is pleased to support the various initiatives of the Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation, with a focus on the scholarship programs. Scholarship holders automatically become members of ILF’s “Club of Young Engineers” in Austria and Germany.

They are invited to the Club’s regular events and have the chance to discuss questions related to future career opportunities in the company with engineers at ILF. Furthermore, scholarship holders are welcome to apply for internships or student jobs.
There is also the possibility of ILF supervising bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses in cooperation with universities and the Foundation.


Trip of ILF young engineers to Geneva 2019


Scholarships at
Montanuniversität Leoben

There are currently two scholarship programs in place in cooperation with MUL:

  • the “Support Scholarship” for international students
  • the “Merit Scholarship” for students with excellent university records

The scholarships are given once a year, as announced in the university gazette. After discussion with a board of advisors, the rectorate decides on the size of the grant.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Support Scholarship
    If they have a proven need (low income), all international students can apply for this scholarship, regardless of their academic record.
  • Merit Scholarship
    Only academically outstanding students, who are in the last year of their bachelor studies, or are enrolled in master studies, or are doctoral candidates, can apply for this scholarship. The Foundation gives preference to supporting the following engineering disciplines:

    – Subsurface Engineering/Tunnel Engineering
    – Energy Network Technology/Renewable Energies
    – General Mechanical Engineering/Pipeline Engineering
    – Petroleum Engineering

For both scholarships, application documents are to be submitted to the office of the Rectorate (Ms. Stabler) in accordance with the requirements set out in the MUL announcement.


Award of the honorary senatorship of MUL 2019


Photo credit: Foto Freisinger, Leoben

Scholarships at
Technical University of Munich (TUM)

The Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation usually supports 12 students per year within the framework of Germany’s national scholarship program Deutschlandstipendium.
This scholarship is offered directly by TUM to students and graduates from Germany and abroad who meet the admission requirements for studying at the university.

Qualification Requirements:

According to TUM, the primary criteria for the application are academic achievement and aptitude. Social engagement, a sense of responsibility and special circumstances such as physical disabilities or a minority status (immigrant background) are also taken into consideration.

The Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation gives preference to in supporting students in the following engineering disciplines:

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology:
    – Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems
    – Energy Management Technologies
    – Power Transmission Systems
  • Mechanical Engineering – Chemical Engineering:
    – Mechanical Engineering and Management
    – Energy and Process Engineering
    – Chemical Engineering

  • Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering:
    – Civil Engineering in the area of Transport (Infrastructure)
    – Construction Engineering
    – Geodesy and Geoinformation
    – Environmental Engineering

In the past, the Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation has fostered increased cooperation with the following chairs:
– Chair of Architectural Informatics (degree program with a focus on BIM)
– Chair of Plant and Process Technology, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Harald Klein

The TUM’s requirements for the Deutschlandstipendium apply.


Scholarship Holders TUM 2019


Scholarship Holders TUM 2020


Quotes from Holders of the
Adolf Feizlmayr-Foundation

Stefan Oberleitner

“Through the financial support which the Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation gave me, I had the freedom to concentrate on my degree. Additionally, having been invited as a scholarship holder to join the Club of Young Engineers, I was able to meet many ILF employees and take up a student job with the company. In the end, I was so impressed by ILF that I chose to start my professional career here after completing my degree.”

Stefan O., Technische Universität München

“For me, the most valuable experiences during my time as a scholar with ILF and the Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation were the great get-together activities with the Club of Young Engineers, the in-depth discussions and exchange of ideas with colleagues, the warm and relaxed atmosphere, and last but not least the opportunity to expand my personal network. The scholarship made me realize that, in addition to the tasks which make up daily work, a sincere, social and welcoming corporate culture with many get-together events is important for employee motivation and productivity. I now definitely have a new set of standards for potential future employers. More of the same please, ILF!”

Vicky H., Technische Universität München

“I value the personal conversations that I have had with Mr. Feizlmayr, which have brought new perspectives to problems time and time again and have paved the way for fresh ideas. It is obvious that the academic development of young people is a topic, which is close to Mr. Feizlmayr’s heart and I’m truly grateful for being able to benefit from this.”

Tin J., Technische Universität München

“During my degree, in the course of my Master’s thesis, I was lucky enough to work on an exciting project abroad in cooperation with ILF’s Geotechnics Department. This opened doors for me in many ways – on a professional, but especially on a private level. The recognition of our teamwork in the form of the Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation scholarship was then the cherry on the cake that made my transition into professional life much easier.”

Andreas G., Montanuniverstität Leoben

“In addition to providing extremely helpful financial support, the scholarship from the Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation, for me, also signifies recognition of the special achievements of committed students. This additional motivation has helped me to continue to perform at my best and has paved the way for me to successfully complete my degree!”

Nina R., Montanuniverstität Leoben

“Thanks to the Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation and its generous scholarship, it was and still is possible for me to concentrate on completing my degree, even in times of crisis like Corona, without having any financial disadvantages. This gives me the advantage of being able to invest my full energy in my thesis, for which I would like to express my sincere thanks.”

Sebastian R., Montanuniverstität Leoben

“As a grateful Adolf Ferzlmayr Foundation Support recipient, I’ve been inspired to explore creative clean energy solutions. Mr. Ferzlmayr’s dedication to the environment motivates me to think innovatively about sustainable energy. This support has fueled my passion to contribute to a greener world for future generations.”

Israa A., Montanuniverstität Leoben

“The support from the Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation was much more than „just” financial support. The Young Engineers’ Club enabled me to gain insights into my future professional life through contact with young engineers. I was also able to get to know ILF as an interesting employer and Mr Feizlmayr as an inspiring role model. In the end, I was able to find my future employer in ILF.”

Jonathan B., Montanuniverstität Leoben


  • The Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation supports a research project on fundamental questions of hydrogen transport and storage. (February 2023)
  • At the official ceremony for the Deutschlandstipendium on 30 January 2023, Adolf Feizlmayr and Jonathan Buhr, a former foundation scholarship holder and now a member of ILF staff, took part in the panel discussion.
  • For the academic year 2022/2023, the Foundation increased the number of scholarships from 12 to 18. This is in celebration of Adolf Feizlmayr receiving the Ring of Honour from TUM 15 years ago.
  • The Foundation makes a donation towards the renovation of the Hans Albers Haus – a new building for the TUM: Junge Akademie. (October 2022)
  • The Foundation makes a donation to help the TUM Boring team transport equipment to a competition in Las Vegas. (Summer 2021)
  • The Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation supports a young ILF employee participating in the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg part-time Program “M.Sc. Solar Energy Engineering”. (July 2021)
  • The Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation supports a research project in Peru concerning “Solar powered green hydrogen production for use in the mining industry”. (May 2021)
  • The Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation support a young ILF employee participating in TUM’s part-time “Executive MBA Program in Innovation and Business Creation”. (October 2020)
  • With it being 60 years since Mr. Feizlmayr received the academic title Dipl.-Ing. from Montanuniversität Leoben, the number of Adolf Feizlmayr “Merit Scholarships” awarded has now been doubled, i.e. the number of students receiving this scholarship has been increased from 5 to 10 students. (September 2020)
  • The Adolf Feizlmayr Foundation supports the Chair of Plant and Process Technology at the Technical University of Munich with their research into the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier for self-sufficient energy systems.
    (January 2020)

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