Waste to Energy


Waste to Energy

The disposal of waste is one of the most challenging problems of modern society. Efforts to minimize the enormous amount of waste produced and to recycle a large portion of the waste collected have to be supplemented by incineration technologies. Converting non-recyclable and non-reusable waste into heat and electricity for commercial use reduces fossil fuel consumption significantly and landfill volume demand up to 90 %.

Over the last ten years, ILF has been a reliable partner to private investors and public sector operators, providing project development, FEED, EPCM and detailed engineering services in a series of waste-to-energy initiatives. As a consequence, ILF is able to offer integrated, interdisciplinary, one-stop services for all project development stages.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Waste-to-energy plants – grate combustion and circulating fluidized bed combustion
  • Waste-to-energy co-incineration plants (waste with coal, biomass, sludge, slurry, etc.)
  • Fly and bottom ash treatment
  • Refuse derived fuel (RDF) preparation    
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