Transportation & Urban Spaces


Transportation & Urban Spaces

We are enhancing mobility and urban spaces! 

ILF is focused on multi­modal and connected mobility, as well as on society-oriented building and infra­st­ructure design that optimizes the use of resources. We are hereby able to protect valuable rural areas and create urban struc­tures that meet the needs of tomorrow.

“Efficient and sustainable multimodal transportation requires reliable and up-to-date infrastructure which is sensibly integrated into both rural areas and urban structures.” - Bernhard Kohl, Group Director Transportation & Urban Spaces

ILF focuses on the following business areas:

  • Airports
  • Buildings
  • Railways
  • Roads
  • Ski Resorts
  • Struc­tures
  • Tunnels & Caverns
  • Urban Develo­pment
  • Urban Trans­por­tation
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