ILF designs and manages complex and challenging projects, from private and public buildings to indus­trial facilities. The broad spectrum of building projects which ILF delivers allows ILF to serve every client and their needs, whilst driving the develo­pment of new technologies.

Creativity and experience guarantee the successful imple­men­tation of top quality projects that meet all technical, functional, sustainable, environ­mental and aesthetic requi­re­ments. The efficient and econo­mical imple­men­tation of demanding building projects is furthermore only possible with the help of ILF’s experi­enced multi­di­sci­plinary team.

ILF’s fine reputation in this field is especially charac­te­rized by new techno­logies in building design as well as multi­di­sci­plinary BIM coordi­nation and targeted infor­mation management. When designing buildings – be that public or indus­trial buildings – the focus is always on creating modern objects that are consistent in form and functio­n­ality, and which meet client-specific requirements.

Fields of Expertise:

  • Health Care Buildings
  • Science and Education Buildings
  • Office and Adminis­tration Buildings
  • Mixed-use Buildings
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