Ski Resorts


Ski Resorts

It all starts with a vision for a new ski resort. To implement this vision, in a first step ILF draws up a concept with a compre­hensive master plan. This plan is based on an integrated planning and design approach that takes into account all technical-economic and all social-ecolo­gical aspects of a ski resort. After submitting a permit appli­cation design that meets all legal framework condi­tions, completing the permitting process and reaching a positive investment decision, the ski resort is imple­mented in several stages, taking a compre­hensive approach which reflects all facets of tourism.

ILF assists clients in all stages, from the tender design with subse­quent detailed design, to procu­rement and assis­tance during construction, and finally commis­sioning of all facilities and buildings. ILF also offers support during operation.

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Ski Resorts

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