Tunnel Ventilation Systems


Tunnel Ventilation Systems

Due to the ever incre­asing length of tunnels, the growing number of safety requi­re­ments and incre­a­singly stringent environ­mental regula­tions, more and more demands are being placed on tunnel venti­lation systems today. Apart from meeting these demands, the design of venti­lation systems must also take energy efficiency and tunnel availa­bility into account, whether that be for road, rail or metro tunnels.

ILF has been active in the field of venti­lation technology for more than five decades, focusing on the holistic and inter­di­sci­plinary design of tunnels and venti­lation systems. The company has success­fully designed and supported the imple­men­tation of various complex venti­lation systems, and has played a leading role in more than 250 tunnel venti­lation projects in over 50 countries around the globe.

ILF’s services in the field of tunnel venti­lation systems include also:

  • Tunnel Lighting Systems
  • Power Supply Systems
  • Firefighting Systems
  • Doors and Airlocks
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Radio Systems
  • Network Systems
  • Low Voltage Systems
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