Environmental & Social Management


Environmental & Social Management

Sustainable project realiz­ation has become a key aspect for planning and realizing large-scale infra­st­ructure projects. Laws, inter­na­tional conven­tions, bank standards, and corporate principles demand that the potential negative impacts of a project are identified, addressed, and adequately mitigated.

In order to ensure the environ­mental and social compa­ti­bility of a project, an Environ­mental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) is under­taken to evaluate the potential impacts of a planned project on its physical, biolo­gical, and social environment. An ESIA also develops mitigation measures to avoid, reduce, or compensate for these impacts. This assessment is an integral part of a project and provides support to decision makers during project planning.

An appro­priate impact assessment assures compliance with legal and lender requi­re­ments. It also leads to improved corporate reputation, compliance with corporate ethical standards, and more cost-efficient project realiz­ation due to reduced non-technical risks. In this context, stake­holder engagement is integral to achieving accep­table results for all involved parties, thereby promoting good corporate citizenship.

The companies of the ILF Group:

  • offer a global network of experts with long-term experience with the environ­mental and social sustaina­bility aspects that might arise during the life cycle of a project
  • plan projects with integrated teams of engineering experts as well as environ­mental and social specialists
  • provide environ­mental and social assessment and permitting services associated with one-stop shop engineering services throughout the whole project life cycle
  • address and manage signi­ficant points of concern at an early stage in the planning phase

ILF’s services regarding the Environ­mental and Social Management encompass: 

  • Project management
  • Project design
  • Permitting
  • Feasi­bility studies
  • Environ­mental Impact Assess­ments (EIA) according to national standards
  • ESIAs according to inter­na­tional standards
  • Stake­holder engagement
  • Review services and gap analyses
  • Due diligence studies
  • Ecolo­gical construction super­vision and site management
  • Air pollution investigation
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