Bankable Feasibility Studies


Bankable Feasibility Studies

A project is only feasible and sustainable in the long term if the technical, economic, environmental, social and operational feasibility can be proven by suitable investigations. Investors and banks will only invest in projects if appropriate solutions can be found which cover all these aspects.

A bankable feasibility study meets all these requirements, identifies different ways to finance a project, and defines necessary prerequisites and conditions. It looks at the financial attractiveness of the envisaged project for banks and potential investors.

Role of ILF

ILF prepares customized, feasible and sustainable solutions that meet client requirements and needs. Aspects of economic efficiency, social and environmental sustainability and operational optimization are also taken into account.

Benefits to Clients

ILF combines engineering excellence, as well as environmental and social understanding with investment knowhow. Thus ILF creates the precondition for financeable projects and provides clients with the basis for accurate budget planning and further investment decisions. Based on its international and multidisciplinary experience in different business areas, ILF evaluates the appeal of projects in terms of financing and investment. Intensive consulting services ensure that the conditions and requirements of potential investors and financing institutes, such as commercial banks, development banks and other international financing institutions, can be met.

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