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Hydropower Engineering

The expansion of hydro­power as a reliable, sustainable and long-term cost efficient source of energy is experi­encing a renais­sance in many regions. ILF actively helps shape this expansion by managing custo­mized projects of any type and size. In the last 35 years ILF has success­fully planned and designed 130 hydro­power projects with capacities of up to 1,400 MW around the world. As a one-stop shop ILF provides integrated, inter­di­sci­plinary services for hydro­power projects from the initial study, through the design and tender phase to commis­sioning and start-up. Emphasis is always placed on developing individual solutions that meet the most stringent quality standards and take complex framework condi­tions into account.

To optimize projects in terms of economic efficiency, ILF also uses unique special software (such as RENRisk) and performs financial analyses. The early integration of all relevant stake­holders to increase a project’s accep­tance and likelihood of approval, and the diligent prepa­ration of Environ­mental and Social Impact Assess­ments in line with inter­na­tional standards (e.g. IFC, equator principles) complement ILF’s range of services. Among ILF’s clients are public insti­tu­tions, private project developers, renowned construction companies, and inter­na­tional financial institutions.

ILF renders all services required to success­fully implement hydro­power engineering projects. These services include:

Project Services for Hydro­power Plants:

  • Project management including project control
  • Studies of alter­na­tives for hydro­power plants using ILF’s special in-house software
  • Conceptual design
  • Feasi­bility studies
  • Financial studies and analyses, tariff modelling, cost-benefit analyses
  • Bankable feasi­bility studies
  • Permit appli­cation design
  • Basic design
  • Prepa­ration of tender documents (for different contract models such as FIDIC, DB/EPC, DBB, PPP, etc.)
  • Detailed design
  • Construction design
  • Construction super­vision
  • Commis­sioning and support during operation
  • As-built documen­tation

Technical Services for Hydro­power Plants:

  • Hydro­power and pumped storage potential studies and master plans to identify econo­mi­cally and ecolo­gi­cally feasible power plant sites for specified areas
  • River management programs
  • Hydro­lo­gical analyses, sediment transport studies
  • Natural hazard analyses (avalanches, rockfalls, debris flows, floods, etc.)
  • Studies on reservoir sedimen­tation and flushing
  • Steady state and transient hydraulic analyses
  • Civil and struc­tural engineering for dams and structures
  • Tunnels, caverns and under­ground structures
  • Geolo­gical and geotech­nical consulting services
  • Mecha­nical and electrical engineering
  • Design of turbines, hydraulic steel struc­tures, instru­men­tation and control equipment
  • Environ­mental and social impact assess­ments and monitoring
  • Landscape protection and nature conser­vation measures

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