Water Treatment


Water Treatment Plant Design

Because of growing water consumption, dwindling water resources and incre­asing water pollution, using raw water of poor quality under­going purifi­cation treatment is often the only option to quench the world’s thirst.

Appro­priate water treatment systems have to be custo­mized depending on raw water quality, intended use of water, and opera­tional constraints.
ILF’s expertise covers the complete technology range, from well-estab­lished affordable solutions that make purified water acces­sible to a rapidly growing population, to innovative, high-tech water treatment processes such as reverse osmosis systems.

Whether it is initial assess­ments of potable and production water demands, feasi­bility studies for compa­rison of suitable water treatment options, design develo­pment for recom­mended solutions, and/or support during procu­rement, construction and commis­sioning of water treatment plants – ILF’s water treatment plant experts are passionate about their contri­bution to sustaining human life.


Fields of Expertise:

  • Process engineering including process optimization
  • Water reuse
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • “One-stop shop” design services for all plant components
  • Permit appli­cation design
  • CAPEX and OPEX estimates
  • Studies of alter­na­tives including financial modeling
  • Super­vision of construction, instal­lation, testing and commissioning
  • Consul­tancy services for plant operation and maintenance
  • Personnel training
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