International Trainee Program


ILF’s International Trainee Program (ITP)

Today’s efforts will secure future success!

ILF believes that young talents deserve every possible oppor­tunity to learn and gain further experience. As a result, ILF has created its own Inter­na­tional Trainee Program for young profes­sionals and recent graduates from all disci­plines.
In contrast to tradi­tional trainee programs, ILF’s Inter­na­tional Trainee Program targets ILF employees with one to three years of profes­sional experience, who have been chosen by their respective senior management upon completion of their contractual proba­tionary period.


The two-year ILF exchange program allows parti­ci­pants to get to know other countries, locations and depart­ments. ILF’s trainees are granted an unique oppor­tunity to establish inter­na­tional networks and work on strategic projects in several ILF offices and at different sites during their four assign­ments (each with a duration of one month). Tailored trainings offered by the ILF Academy further broaden the trainees’ horizons and ensure that ILF’s leaders of tomorrow have a compre­hensive and global under­standing of ILF and its business areas.

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