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About ILF Thailand

ILF Consulting Engineers Asia ranks among leading engineering and consulting companies and provides top quality services in following areas:

In 2014, ILF estab­lished its Office in Thailand, regis­tered as ILF Consulting Engineers (Asia) Ltd., in order to serve the South-East Asian market.

Since then, ILF Asia has success­fully met the requi­re­ments of its clients, conti­nuously building market presence as well as client relati­onships and trust. ILF Asia was involved in over 20 hydro­power projects in Lao PDR, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar. Within a few years ILF Asia built up an engineering team in South-East Asia composed of European and South-East Asian experts and is now consi­dered as an engineering center of the ILF Group.

In 2016 ILF Consulting Engineers (Asia) Ltd. was awarded the golden export price of the Austrian Economic Chamber for its achie­ve­ments in the South-East Asian market.

 As demons­trated by the company founders from the very start, ILF has always placed great impor­tance on innovative solutions. ILF under­stands and promotes innovation both in connection with ILF’s technical solutions, materials, and work steps as well as in its own work processes and tools.

At ILF Asia new techno­logies are applied and developed to improve the design of our Client´s projects. A specia­lized numerical modeling department was estab­lished at ILF Asia, which focuses on integrating compu­ta­tional fluid dynamics in the design process of hydraulic struc­tures. This benefits the Owner of the project, because the complex behavior of intakes, spillways, under­ground water conveyance systems, surface waterways and fish passes can be visua­lized and fully optimized.

55+ years of experience

9,500+ projects success­fully executed 

2,500+ employees worldwide

150+ counties where ILF has been successful

45+ office locations across five countries

4 main business areas

Bangkok office
ILF (Asia) Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand
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