Geotechnical Engineering & Soil Mechanics


Geotechnical Engineering & Soil Mechanics

Results from site inves­ti­ga­tions and laboratory tests are combined into geolo­gical-geotech­nical models. Complex 2D and 3D software analysis programs are used in this modeling process, and the models are used to develop suitable foundation methods and optimize struc­tures’ inter­ac­tions with the ground.

Because geolo­gical-geotech­nical models are based on individual samples, the resulting uncer­tainties and/or risks, especially of complex large-scale projects, are then identified using proba­bi­listic compu­ta­tional models.

ILF’s services in geotech­nical engineering and soil mechanics include: 

  • Geome­cha­nical design
  • Geotech­nical calculations
  • Geolo­gical and geotech­nical documen­tation, site services and consulting services
  • Foundation engineering consulting services
  • Stability and servicea­bility analyses
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