Project Screening


Project Screening

Even the best planning and imple­men­tation of a project cannot rectify the mistakes made in the preceding screening process. Selecting projects carefully and diligently according to clearly defined goals holds the greatest optimiz­ation potential when creating new infra­st­ructure. In order to be able to select the most suitable projects from planned under­ta­kings, goal-oriented criteria have to be defined beforehand. They reflect the different requi­re­ments from the different infra­st­ructure areas and the specific challenges.

Role of ILF

ILF gives advice to public and private insti­tu­tions, banks and investors in all business areas on selecting and defining projects. Together with clients and other stake­holders, ILF develops and ranks relevant criteria to establish sound founda­tions for decision-making to justify and optimize invest­ments. When imple­menting projects, ILF uses optimized tools and  relies on many years of expertise gained as consultant in different business areas and on experience gained as developer and share­holder of infra­st­ructure projects.

Benefits to Clients

ILF helps clients to identify the best project solutions based on decision relevant criteria. A screening process coordi­nated with clients and other stake­holders early on in the develo­pment phase ensures that envisaged project solutions are feasible and that the best possible solution is given prefe­rence. Depending on the charac­te­ristics of the project, services may range from optimizing the cost-benefit relation to maximizing the entre­pre­neurial success.

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