ILF draws on its 20 years of experience to provide all of the engineering and design services required for the imple­men­tation of projects in its business areas. Every project is unique and has requi­re­ments specific to the client, business, and country. ILF’s regional presence and broad experience makes a detailed under­standing of the services to be provided possible.

Successful design and planning comes through a well prepared engineering and design process. Coordi­nation of inter­di­sci­plinary inter­faces is key, and ILF uses inter­di­sci­plinary reviews to ensure top-quality engineering and design.

ILF also provides further services if needed such as acquiring all the necessary permits for a project.


ILF provides the following services: 

  • Pre-concept
  • Conceptual Design
  • Basic Design
  • FEED, Tender Design
  • Permit Appli­cation Design
  • Guide Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Construction Design
  • Design Review
  • As-Built Documen­tation
  • Integrity Assessment
  • Rehabi­li­tation Design
  • Modifi­cation Design
  • Decom­mis­sioning Planning

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