ILF awarded with further planning services for SuedLink


As one of eight companies nationwide, ILF Consulting Engineers has qualified for a framework contract for various planning services for the SuedLink project in Germany. The focus of this framework contract with TenneT & Transnet is on the regional planning offices. The framework agree­ments are divided into the sections North, Central, and South with corre­sponding sub-sections. With a total length of appro­xi­mately 680 km, SuedLink thus consists of a total of 9 planning sections.

Through the framework agreement, ILF Consulting Engineers has now been appointed as „Regional Planning Bureau (RPB)” for the northernmost section (PA1). With connec­tions to the grid connection points Wilster and Bruns­büttel, it consists of one of the most techni­cally challenging sections with a total length of approx. 71 km. The sub-section for project 3 extends from the Bruns­büttel to Stade grid connection point, and the sub-section for project 4 extends from the Wilster to Stade grid connection point.

ILF was initially commis­sioned with the detailed design, including project management and control, the mobili­sation phase, the route inves­ti­gation, the soil inves­ti­gation, the coordi­nation of the crossings as well as the planning approval of the Elbe crossing. Commis­sioning is planned for 2026.

SuedLink 1_s

Construction of new teaching & office building for Uni Innsbruck


Despite the current excep­tional situation, it was possible to start construction of the new teaching and office building I52A at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) in compliance with strict safety and health requi­re­ments. The new building will be adjacent to the histo­rical main building of the university and will be charac­te­rized by its future-oriented design. By optimizing the project with regard to the limited urban space available, a valuable urban recreation space will additio­nally be created.

The design of the nine-story building with a floor space of approx. 12,800 m² and a gross building volume of approx. 110,000 m³ follows the principles of sustaina­bility. This is consist­ently reflected in the design of the building services, whereby the Client’s low-tech concept is fully accom­mo­dated for and is expressed in results optimized from a climate and economy perspective.

On behalf of the BUNDESIMMOBILIENGESELLSCHAFT M.B.H., ILF Consulting Engineers together with a partner has accom­panied the develo­pment of this extra­or­dinary project in the capacity of project controller from the conceptual design phase and will manage the construction together with the client to meet the quality, time and cost criteria.

This milestone has not just been reached due to the work and efforts of all parties involved in the project, but is also the result of the optimal combi­nation of engineering excel­lence and project management!


White paper “Digitalization in Industry – An Austrian Perspective


The coope­rative doctoral school SIC! (Smart Indus­trial Concept), which ILF is a coope­ration partner of, has produced a white paper titled “Digita­liz­ation in Industry – An Austrian Perspective“ on behalf of the Klima- und Energie­fonds (Austrian Climate and Energy Funds) as part of the national project Annex XVIII. The aim of this paper is to examine the effects of digita­liz­ation on the reduction of green­house gas emissions in energy intensive industries.

The eight parti­ci­pating PhD students, one of whom is ILF employee Leopold Prendl, are inves­ti­gating 15 relevant techniques, techno­logies and appli­ca­tions, as well as the current situation in Austria. They also show that digita­liz­ation measures are both econo­mical and sustainable.

The white paper can be found here.

Feasibility Study for Multi-Sectoral Investment Program in Gaza


ILF to assess and study the The German Develo­pment Bank (KfW) recently appointed ILF Consulting Engineers to perform a feasi­bility study / project screening for their Multi-Sectoral Investment Program (MIP) in Gaza.

The objective of this program is to evaluate several approaches for promoting the use of renewable energy sources and energy-saving techno­logies in Gaza, and to determine strategies that can achieve the greatest possible impacts. Hence, this program is primarily directed towards the population of Gaza, who shall benefit from having an improved energy supply.

For further infor­mation on the project, or if you want to know more about how we can help you tackle your challenges, please contact us at

Machbarkeitsstudie für multisektorales Investitionsprogramm Gaza


Die deutsche Kredit­an­stalt für Wieder­aufbau (KfW) hat kürzlich ILF Consulting Engineers beauf­tragt, eine Machbar­keits­studie / Projekt-Screening für ihr multi­sek­to­rales Inves­ti­ti­ons­pro­gramm Gaza durchzuführen.

Ziel dieses Programms ist die Beurteilung von verschie­denen Ansätzen zur Förderung der Nutzung erneu­er­barer Energie­quellen und energie­spa­render Techno­logien in Gaza sowie die Festlegung von Strategien, die die größt­mög­lichen Wirkung erzielen können. Daher ist dieses Programm haupt­sächlich auf die Bevöl­kerung in Gaza ausge­richtet, die von einer verbes­serten Energie­ver­sorgung profi­tieren soll.

Für weitere Infor­ma­tionen zum Projekt oder wenn Sie mehr darüber erfahren wollen, wie wir Ihnen helfen können, die Heraus­for­de­rungen zu meistern, kontak­tieren Sie uns bitte unter

A message about the Corona virus (COVID-19)


Dear Clients and Business Partners,

We are all currently facing unpre­ce­dented moments in history with the worldwide spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19).

At ILF Consulting Engineers, we are taking utmost care of our people and at the same time are conti­nuing to focus on how to best support our clients and business partners.

We are following the guidance of the World Health Organiz­ation (WHO) and of local governments, and are closely monitoring the changing circum­s­tances across our office locations. In line with the ever-changing situation, we are taking the necessary decisions, such as restricting travel and face-to-face business meetings, and adapting our working practices accordingly.

Our clients’ projects and opera­tions are extremely important to us. Based on our highly flexible approach, combined with our colla­bo­rative business culture and our ability to work remotely, we remain fully committed and able to continue rendering services for our valued clients and business partners.

Although these times are extremely demanding, we are well prepared, and highly confident that together with our clients and business partners we will success­fully overcome the upcoming challenges and even strengthen our resilience capabilities.

Stay healthy and best regards

Klaus Lässer

Commencement of the Uzbekistan Gas Master Plan


ILF Business Consult, in coope­ration with the national gas trans­mission operator Uztransgas, has success­fully launched the Gas Master Plan project, funded by the Asian Develo­pment Bank.

The initial project objective is to develop mid and long-term strategies for the develo­pment of the gas trans­por­tation infra­st­ructure in Uzbekistan; while the ultimate target is to achieve sustainable develo­pment of the gas sector and energy security within Uzbekistan and Central Asia. At project completion, Uzbekistan will be positioned to become a prospective Gas Hub of Central Asia.

In the photo: ILF Business Consult Managing Director, Dr. Andreas Linke and Senior Project Manager, Yeszhan Khamitov. Picture dated February 2020.


TBM breakthrough in Georgia


With the support of ILF Consulting Engineers, assuming the role of Owner’s Engineer, the Mtkvari Hydro Power Project in Georgia, which is managed by Mtkvari Hesi LLC and financed by the Georgian Co-Investment Fund, has reached one of the most important project milestones.

On February 6th, 2020, the breakthrough of the longest and widest tunnel in Georgia to date has been completed. Excavation of the 9.6‑km-long and 6‑m-wide tunnel was achieved using a Hard Rock Double Shield TBM.

The total design capacity of the Mtkvari HPP is 53.0 MW and its expected annual energy generation is 251.5 GWh, which equates 1.9 % of Georgia’s total electricity consumption. The tunnel excavation consti­tutes a major achie­vement within the construction process and its completion will allow the final stage of the HPP construction to commence.


Lighthouse Solar Program in Senegal now in operation


In 2015 ILF Consulting Engineers was awarded an Owner’s Engineer contract by Senelec and KfW for the imple­men­tation of eight photo­voltaic and hybrid power plants in Senegal. Now, only four years after the start of the project, these first of its kind projects in Senegal and West Africa are in operation; the last power plants will be commis­sioned early 2020.

These PV and hybrid power plants are some of the largest in West Africa and are light­house projects for the distri­bution of these techno­logies in Africa. The aim was to reduce Senegal’s depen­dency on light fuel/heavy fuel oil imports, reduce the cost of electricity as well as to improve the quality and the relia­bility of the electricity supply in Senegal.
Furthermore, the electri­fi­cation of rural areas and the social & economic develo­pment of these regions should be promoted. With eight power plants being located all over the country, seven remote cities with a population of up to 50,000 inhabi­tants each can now be supplied with greener energy 24/7. The project consists of one grid-connected 23MWp PV power plant (supplying among others the inter­na­tional airport of Senegal), four PV/Li-ion battery/diesel hybrid systems and three PV/diesel hybrid systems.

As part of ILF’s role as OE, ILF was respon­sible for the conceptual design, tendering, construction super­vision and commis­sioning as well as for super­vising the plants’ perfor­mance and the O&M Contractor during the first year. For further infor­mation, please contact us at


Seasonal greetings and best wishes for 2020!


Besides diverse challenges that we faced, the year 2018 that is drawing to a close also brought us many encou­raging develo­p­ments. All in all, a sense of great satis­faction and gratitude prevails regarding what we have achieved together.

Our sincere thanks go to our esteemed clients and business partners for their constructive cooperation.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2019!


Meet us at the international STUVA conference 2019


ILF Consulting Engineers will be present at the STUVA confe­rence (Inter­na­tional Forum for Tunnels and Infra­st­ructure) taking place in Frankfurt/Germany from 26 to 28 November 2019.

Visit our booth C147 in exhibition hall 5.1 (Messe Frankfurt am Main, Germany) to learn more about our compe­tence and experience and talk to us about how we can provide you with compre­hensive support in the field of tunnel planning and design.

We would also be pleased to welcome you to one of our lectures:

  • 26/11/2019 at 11:15: Bernhard Kohl will present the new report “Prevention and Mitigation of Road Tunnel Related Colli­sions” from the Safety Working Group of the World Road Association PIARC
  • 26/11/2019 at 12:00: Sebastian Höser will report on the “Major Project Stuttgart 21: Kriegsberg Bifur­cation Structure in the Bad Cannstatt Tunnel – Streng­t­hening the Outer Lining, Reinfor­cement Measures, Sustainable Outer Shell”
  • 27/11/2019 at 14:30: Hubert Heis, Momchil Venkov and Benjamin Riedl will report on “Tunnel Safety – A Review of Specific Diffe­rences in Guide­lines and Codes of Practice Country-by-Country as well as Practical Scrutiny Based on a Compa­rison of Tunnel Lighting”
  • 27/11/2019 at 15:00: Harald Kammerer and Michael Barth will report on “Possi­bi­lities for the (Partial) Use of Road Tunnels Given Reduced Capacity: Struc­tural, Opera­tional and Organi­sa­tional Measures – The RITUN Research Project ”

We are looking forward to your visit and many interesting discus­sions! For further infor­mation please go to the website


ILF at the ADIPEC 2019 Conference


ILF Consulting Engineers will be present at the “Abu Dhabi Inter­na­tional Exhibition & Confe­rence”. With 145,000 trade visitors and 2,200 exhibiting companies, ADIPEC is the biggest oil and gas exhibition in the world.

You are cordially invited to visit us in Hall 14 at booth 14248.


Challenges at the “Wolframstrasse” S‑Bahn Tunnel – Stuttgart 21


In 2017, ILF Consulting Engineers was awarded a contract for the detailed design services of Section 1.5 – Permit Appli­cation Procedure (contract section 4 South), better known as “Wolfram­strasse”, by a joint venture consisting of the companies Kunz, Leonhard Weiss and Kurt Motz. This challenging section is an integral part of the large-scale project “Stuttgart 21”. It is an approx. 450 m long rapid transit railway tunnel, predo­mi­nantly constructed using the cut-and-cover method, which consti­tutes the S‑Bahn link from the North to the central station.

It is worth mentioning that about 100 m are to be constructed in an existing tunnel while keeping the railway opera­tional. Throughout the entire construction period, two of the four rail tracks will be kept in operation. Additional challenges arise from the location of the contract section in the immediate vicinity of the railway station, from avoiding inter­rup­tions of traffic in Wolfram­strasse, from construction works carried out in existing struc­tures and from the low overburden of a sewer main that crosses the tunnel. To date all challenges have been tackled and the design services are taking place in accordance with the speci­fi­ca­tions of the joint venture.

After the completion of the construction works at Stuttgart 21, the entire platform area, the track area and the existing tunnel will be removed to make room for a new city district.


ILF awarded mainline FEED & Detailed Engineering for KAPS


Keyera Corp. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) recently awarded ILF Consulting Engineers the mainline FEED & Detailed Engineering contract for the estimated CAD 1.3 billion KAPS project.

KAPS is a natural gas liquids (NGL) and condensate pipeline system that will transport growing production from the Montney and Duvernay fields, in northwestern Alberta, to Fort Saskat­chewan, north of Alberta’s capital city Edmonton. Keyera has partnered with SemCAMS Midstream ULC, owned jointly by SemGroup Corpo­ration® and KKR, to develop this pipeline system.

Based on the current scope, KAPS will consist of a 16-inch condensate pipeline and a 12-inch NGL mix pipeline, associated pumping stations, including provi­sions for future expansion. The total mainline length per current scope is foreseen to be appro­xi­mately 550 km. KAPS will initially be constructed from northwest of Grande Prairie and connect to Keyera’s Fort Saskat­chewan Fractio­n­ation and Storage Facility (KFS).

For more infor­mation on Keyera and the KAPS project, please visit:


Participation at HOKO 2019 on November 6th


ILF will present itself at HOKO 2019 fair at the University of Applied Science in Munich and is looking forward to meet a lot of interesting and interested students as well as Young profes­sionals perso­nally. Our stand­n­umber is A‑33.

Furthermore we would like to inform you that we will give a lecture at 3 p.m. on the topic: „If petroleum gas, hydrogen, high voltage under­ground cables or photo­voltaic-hybrid – how to plan the power supply of the future with ILF”.

See you there!


ILF at ECI SUS XIV Shotcrete Conference in Thailand


ILF Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce that Dr. Matthias Beisler, ILF’s managing director in Southeast Asia, will chair the Inter­na­tional Confe­rence on Shotcrete for Under­ground Support – ECI SUS XIV 2019 in Thailand, November 17th ‑20th, 2019.

ECI SUS XIV aims to pool the conso­li­dated knowledge and experience from engineers, resear­chers and project managers from across the world, in order to share and discuss state-of-the-art technology and best practices in rock engineering, rock support methods, TBM tunneling and deep excavation. Several highly experi­enced experts from ILF Consulting Engineers will also give keynote speeches and technical presen­ta­tions and will be pleased to engage in discus­sions with you.

The detailed confe­rence program can be found on the ECI website ( Please do not hesitate to contact the confe­rence chair ( if you have any questions.


Power Generation using Pipelines


ILF Consulting Engineers was commis­sioned by a well-known client to inves­tigate the instal­lation of a turbine for energy recovery in a potential crude oil pipeline system. Not only did this inves­ti­gation have to make sure that the energy recovery system would not have a negative impact on the conveyance of oil, but also take account of the fact that pipelines are normally operated using different flow rates under changing pressure conditions.

To read more on the results of the inves­ti­gation and the associated commercial aspects, take a look here or see the current issue of the Inter­na­tional Oil & Gas Engineer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


ILF appointed as technical advisor for IFCs Scaling Solar Program


As part of the Scaling Solar Program, the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has signed an agreement with the Government of Togo to develop several grid-connected solar power projects with a combined capacity of up to 90 MW. Being the 6th country to join the IFC’s Scaling Solar Program, in Togo the Government is seeking to increase capacity so that growing energy demands can be met whilst at the same time reducing costs.

ILF Consulting Engineers has once again been chosen by the IFC to be the Technical Advisor for the imple­men­tation of this light­house project in Togo. Once completed, it will be Togo’s first utility-scale solar develo­pment of this kind.

For further infor­mation please contact us at

Solar Panel Array

Turning on the water at Hochalm II storage reservoir


The Hinter­glemmer Bergbahnen have been able to start filling the expanded Hochalm II storage reservoir (Austria) on time – a moder­niz­ation which has taken two years. The water reservoir for the snowmaking system of the Hochalm area was expanded in two construction stages. Works began on 4 June 2018, and water started flowing into the Hochalm II storage reservoir on 30 August 2019. Filling of the storage reservoir, which can hold 251,300 m³ of water, began on schedule.

By delivering innovative design and a clever construction sequence, ILF Consulting Engineers has been assisting its long-standing client with the expansion and streng­t­hening of the Hochalm snow-making system since 2016. “The close coope­ration with the Hinter­glemmer Bergbahnen enabled our team to deliver an innovative project to secure snow condi­tions in Hinter­glemm for future ski seasons,” says Gerhard Pumpernik, Head of the Department of Ski Resorts and Alpine Engineering at ILF.

ILF would like to thank the Hinter­glemmer Bergbahnen for their confi­dence in ILF and congra­tu­lates them on accom­pli­shing this milestone.

Erstebefüllung Speicherteich Hochalm

Protection of Critical Infrastructure


To us, protection of critical infra­st­ructure includes more than just having a “secure” laptop or on-site security. In our latest article, our experts present a holistic approach to protecting critical infra­st­ructure against a multitude of threads.

Read more on our website or in the latest issue of World Pipelines Extreme.

For further infor­mation please contact us at

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