ILF at the 26th ICOLD World Congress


ILF Consulting Engineers will be repre­sented at the 26th ICOLD World Congress, organized by the Austrian National Committee on Large Dams (ATCOLD), in the Austria Center Vienna from July 2 to July 5, 2018. ICOLD is the world-wide dam commission, comprising more than ninety national committees across the globe, including ATCOLD. ILF supports the ICOLD World Congress as a Bronze Sponsor.

On July 4, 2018 at 17:50, Dr. Christian Auel will be presenting on the “Rehabi­li­tation of the Mud Mountain Bypass Tunnel Invert” during the session “Q100 – Reservoir Sedimen­tation and Sustainable Development”.

We look forward to greeting you at our stand, number 45. For questions prior to the event, please contact For further infor­mation, please visit the website at


ILF provides expertise for hydropower for South Korea


ILF Consulting Engineers was assigned a contract to support a research project regarding operation and maintenance of pumped storage power plants by the Sejong University in Seoul in the Republic of Korea. The project is supported by KHNP (Korea Hydro Nuclear Power Company), owner and operator of all existing pumped storage power plants in the Republic of Korea.

The main purpose of the project is to establish repla­cement and repair frequencies of principal equipment and components in pumped storage power plants in the Republic of Korea. Among other things, the research project considers the diffe­rences between the European and the Korean approach to operate and maintain pumped storage power plants.

ILF will analyze data, documents and opera­tional management strategies in Europe related to the life cycle of pumped storage power plants.

ILF supports Tyrolean engineers of the future


TINIP – the Tyrolean prize for young engineers has become a fixture in the annual program of the expert group “Engineering offices” of the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce. In this event, outstanding final year projects and diploma projects of the graduates of the technical and vocational school were presented to the public and the winners were chosen by an expert panel.

It was already the eight time that the ILF office building in Rum near Innsbruck (Austria) served as the official venue for the presen­ta­tions and the meeting of the expert panel of judges.

Being the sponsor, ILF was also present at the subse­quent prize-giving ceremony at congresspark igls and had the oppor­tunity to give the prize in the category 5 “Civil and under­ground engineering” to the winning team.

We would like to congra­tulate the TINIP winners in the individual categories and all parti­ci­pants on their extra­or­dinary accomplishments!


The environment loves ILF Consulting Engineers


Two years ago, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) launched the Green Points initiative to make the public more aware of the contri­bution traveling by rail makes to protecting our environment and to reducing our carbon footprint. This initiative allows people, who use ÖBB trains for their business trips to collect green points, which are dedicated to specific environ­mental projects.

By advocating rail travel, ILF has managed to cut down CO2 emissions by 53.7 tonnes in the past year and to join the ranks of Austria’s most frequent train travellers. This marks a 30 % impro­vement in compa­rison to last year’s figures.

ILF highly appre­ciates the ÖBB initiative, as the sustainable protection of the environment is of utmost impor­tance to our company both when designing struc­tures and facilities and when performing day-to-day project works. We are delighted that by conti­nuing to use ÖBB trains for business trips, we can make a valuable contri­bution to ensuring sustaina­bility in Austria in years to come.

Legend: Bruno Mattle and Kathrin Klingler (both ILF), Günther Feuchtner (Vertrie­b/­Business-Travel ÖBB-Perso­nen­verkehr AG)


ILF at „International Conference Tunnel Safety and Ventilation”


ILF Consulting Engineers will be repre­sented at the 9th Inter­na­tional Confe­rence “Tunnel Safety and Venti­lation” in Graz, Austria from 12 to 14 June 2018.

Bernhard Kohl will give a presen­tation titled “Discussing the influence of congestion on tunnel safety – using the example of the Waterview Tunnel in Auckland“ on 13 June 2018 at 10:15 am in the “Graz” hall.

Furthermore, Oliver Seneko­witsch will talk about the “Repro­duction of human behaviour in risk models – validation of the relevant risk parameters based on proband tests“ also on 13 June 2018 at 09:25 am in the “Graz” hall.

In the afternoon (02:35 pm, “Graz” hall”) Reinhard Gertl will share his practical experience on the “Instal­lation of the escape way venti­lation system of the Dalaaser tunnel“ with you.

The speakers will be happy to receive questions or feedback. Let us know how we can help you tackle your challenges ( or or!

We look forward to also welcoming you at our booth no.16. For further infor­mation please go to the website at:


MEED Awards: ILF dazzles as National and GCC Winner of the Year


The MEED Awards celebrate excel­lence across the GCC – one of the world’s fastest moving, most disparate and vibrant markets – and recognize each winning company for the success of its business achievements.
At this year’s ceremony, which took place on 2 May 2018 in Dubai, ACWA POWER and ILF received the esteemed awards of National Winner and GCC Winner for the category „Power Project of the Year” by virtue of the value, the quality, and the success of the SHUAA Energy 1 – Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum 200 MW PV Solar Plant project.
The project is a part of the “Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030” initiative and the plant is the second phase of the 1 GW Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park which will be the world’s largest single-site solar park based on the Independent Power Producer model (IPP).

  • Legend from left to right: Mr. Richard Thompson (Editorial Director MEED), Dr. Abdel Kaher El Zaemey, Dr. Corrado Sommariva and Mr. Klaus Lässer (all ILF)

MEED Award 1

ILF at the 4th International LNG Congress 2018


ILF Consulting Engineers pronounces its parti­ci­pation in the “4th Inter­na­tional LNG Congress” held in Berlin from June 4 to June 5, 2018 as a Session Sponsor.

During this year’s congress, our experts will present our technical expertise in Small-Scale LNG Techno­logies and host the corre­sponding session (Mr. Bernhard Pürzer).

You are most welcome to visit us or schedule a meeting (Mercure Hotels MOA, Berlin, Germany) to learn about our compe­tences and experience in the field of LNG. Let us know how we can help you tackle your challenges (! We are looking forward to your visit.

For further infor­mation, please visit the website at or read the interview with Mr. Pürzer using this link.


ILF helps to make a PhD position available at the TU Vienna


The overall goal of “SIC!” is to develop methods for an energy-optimized operation of indus­trial facilities, for their energy conversion, distri­bution and storage, and the inves­ti­gation of their inter­action with the framework condi­tions of the energy industry.

To this end, the University of Technology in Vienna, the Montan­uni­ver­sität Leoben and AIT have jointly launched an initiative for a coope­rative PhD program. ILF Consulting Engineers makes a signi­ficant contri­bution to the PhD topic “design optimiz­ation and dynamic component modeling for load flexible indus­trial energy supply facilities”. On the one hand the PhD position of the successful applicant will be sponsored by ILF and on the other hand an intense transfer of know-how is planned, which shall also include a market-oriented product innovation.

After the appli­cation procedure, the employment of the PhD candidate could start in June 2018. For details regarding the PhD position, click here.

Koralm Railway Line connects: breakthrough in Untersammelsdorf


One of the most challenging struc­tures of the Koralm Railway Line, the Unter­sam­melsdorf Tunnel near St. Kanzian (Austria), was officially completed with the breakthrough of the top heading in late April.

The Unter­sam­melsdorf Tunnel is the most complex of six tunnel struc­tures and has a total length of 665 m and a maximum overburden of 30 m. Large parts of the tunnel were excavated adopting the cut-and-cover method, while in the portal areas the top-down construction method was used. A tunnel rescue site for emergency services is being built at the tunnel’s western portal.

Together with partners of ÖBB Infra­struktur AG, ILF Consulting Engineers has been working on the design of the tunnel struc­tures in the “Mittlern–Althofen” section since 2006.


Restructuring of ILF in North America


On May 4, 2018, COWI North America took over part of ILF-USA’s projects and workforce. ILF is restruc­turing its business in North America and will continue to serve clients in the USA in the sectors oil & gas, trans­por­tation, tunneling, energy and water. Whilst partly coope­rating with COWI on a case-by-case basis, ILF has plans to expand its US presence from the ILF Denver office.

Sustainable energy supply through hydropower in Lao PDR


Chaleun Sekong Energy Co. Ltd. has recently awarded ILF Consulting Engineers and partners with the site super­vision services for the Nam E‑Moun hydro­power project. This important plant has an installed capacity of 129 MW and is located in Southern Lao PDR. The project consists of a gated concrete gravity dam with a maximum height of 25.6 m and more than 15 km of tunnel structures.

The construction works are expected to take 42 months. In addition to the site super­vision and commis­sioning services, ILF Consulting Engineers, together with partners, has also been requested by Chaleun Sekong Energy Co. Ltd. to assist with the selection of the electro-mecha­nical equipment.

Legend: Mr. Litsamy Latsavong, Managing Director & CFO of Chaleun Sekong Energy Co.,Ltd and Dr. Matthias Beisler, Managing Director of ILF-THA, Mr. Chanthanom PHOMMANY (background, 2nd from left), ChairMan President of Chaleun Sekong Energy Co.,Ltd and Mr. Viraphonh VIRAVONG (background, 4th from left) former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Energy of Mines in Lao PDR

Nam E-Moun HPP Contract Signing ILF News

Drinking water transport continues to be ensured for Saudi Arabia


In early April 2018 the EPC contractor Mapa Construction and Trade Co. Inc. commis­sioned ILF Consulting Engineers to carry out the detailed design for the Rabigh-Jedda­h/­Makkah Water Trans­mission System in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the largest drinking water trans­mission systems ever tendered by the client and owner SWCC.

The overall system comprises two independent pipeline systems (Rabigh-Jedda­h/­Makkah and Rabigh-Mastorah) which are both supplied by the new Rabigh desali­nation plant. The total throughput amounts to 1.3 million m³/d and is trans­ported from Rabigh to Makkah and Briman respec­tively via a 200 km long 80” twin line. In total 684 km of pipeline will be laid and 8 pump groups will be installed. 12 reservoir stations will be erected along the pipeline. The total storage capacity of the steel tanks in the different stations is 3177 m³.

ILF’s scope of work includes hydraulics and process, all stations and buildings including housing compounds for the future operating personnel, and the entire pipeline system. Furthermore ILF supports the EPC contractor in the design of the mecha­nical equipment, the commis­sioning of the transport system on site and prepares the operating manual for the overall system.



Kick-off for linking up Ghana and Burkina Faso


Earlier this year, the Ministry of Railway Develo­pment commis­sioned ILF Consulting Engineers, together with partners, to provide design services for a railway line from Kumasi to Paga.

The 595 km long green­field railway line shall link up Ghana with neigh­boring Burkina Faso with a design speed of up to 160 km/h. The project will improve railway and logistics infra­st­ructure as part of an integrated transport network in Ghana and help to improve services to customers and reduce the cost of transportation.

ILF and its partners are in charge of the feasi­bility study to determine the economic, financial, social and environ­mental viability of the proposed railway corridor. clomid online, acquire clomid.

Groundbreaking ceremony for environmentally friendly electricity


After an intensive design and approval phase the ground­breaking ceremony for the GroAY­in­zersdorf Wind Farm (Lower Austria) took place in early April this year.

The EUR 17 million project is meant to supply 7,500 house­holds with clean electricity as early as this year. The wind farm consists of three wind turbine facilities with a total of 9.9 MW and is an important step towards renewable energy and climate protection in Austria.

ILF Consulting Engineers was commis­sioned by WindLand­Kraft GmbH to carry out the design and project management services for the wind farm including roads and crane hardstand areas as well as cabling to the substation.


Switzerland’s largest pumped storage plant put into operation


After a construction period of approx. 10 years, the new Limmern pumped storage power plant (Switz­erland) of “Kraft­werke Linth-Limmern AG” was commis­sioned with a ceremony at the end of March 2018.

With an output of 1,000 MW, the new power plant is the largest pumped storage power plant in Switz­erland and has a height diffe­rence of 620 m. The dam, located at 2,470 m above sea level, is the highest dam in Europe.

For Switz­erland and the inter­na­tional electricity industry, the power plant is a huge battery that can be used in an environ­mentally friendly way to stabilize the grid and to ensure peak coverage.

Together with partners, ILF Consulting Engineers had already been entrusted with the design of the under­ground facilities (power­house, trans­former cavern, pressure tunnel, surge tank, access tunnel, energy discharge tunnel) in 2009.

Legend: Repre­sen­ta­tives of the engineering companies in front of a disas­sembled impeller


“SUSTAINABILITY – A Way to Abundance” by Dr. Corrado Sommariva


ILF is excited to announce the brand new book “SUSTAINABILITY – A Way to Abundance” by Dr. Corrado Sommariva. The book covers sustaina­bility from various perspec­tives and presents a very promising vision of abundance based on the conclusion that profit can also be associated with sustaina­bility and environ­mental protection. The book is a “must-read” for all who are interested in the super important topic of sustaina­bility and is available at CRC Press as hardback or eBook.

Dr. Sommariva is a world-class expert for desali­nation and as Managing Director of ILF in the UAE in charge for the energy and water business. Moreover, in his function as Group Director Sustaina­bility, he promotes sustaina­bility advisory across the globe.


ILF has no borders


Engineers Without Borders Austria is a non-profit association which has set itself the task of imple­menting projects in the field of technical develo­pment coope­ration. The members and contri­butors are of different age groups and fields of study/professions. Everyone works on a voluntary basis. Since 2015 there is a regional group in the Tyrol with currently about 40 members, among them archi­tects, civil engineers, physi­cists, psycho­lo­gists, linguists and many more. The regional group is currently working on the “EduZapa” project, which aims to rehabi­litate a school in rural, poverty-stricken Mexico. The first imple­men­tation phase took place in the summer of 2017, with a further phase being planned for 2018. This project is financed exclu­sively by donations.

ILF supported the association with a donation at the end of 2017 and now intends to work more closely together. In parti­cular, ILF plans to contribute to the technical project and design by making in-house expertise available to the project team.

If you would like to learn more about the project, please follow this link:

IOG 2017 vorher nachher

ILF continues to ensure clean drinking water in Saudi Arabia


Already in 2014 the National Water Company (NWC) commis­sioned ILF Consulting Engineers to provide design services for the “South Dhahran Residential Project” of the Saudi Aramco national oil company. Scope of services for this new “Residential Housing Complex” is to ensure the necessary water supply as well as waste­water treatment and disposal for the future 70,000 residents.

The project encom­passes a seawater desali­nation plant (100,000 m³/day), a 20 km long drinking water supply pipeline and a 17 km long waste­water collector pipeline to the new waste­water treatment plant (70,000 m³/day). The project furthermore envisages reusing the treated sewage effluent (TSE) for irrigation purposes via a 17 km long pumping main. A new 10 km long trans­mission pipeline DN 1,200 for waste­water between an existing and the new waste­water treatment plant is included in the project.

After the feasi­bility study ILF also carried out the EPC tender of the mentioned system components, provided support during contract negotia­tions and compiled contract documents. Currently the project is in the imple­men­tation stage where ILF carries out design review and site supervision.

How the climate changes ILF


All over the world changes in the climate are observed resulting in condi­tions that are too hot, too wet, causing a rise in sea levels, and an increase in the number of extreme events, such as storms, floods, droughts or lands­lides. Given the ever incre­asing impor­tance of the topic, ILF has now published a White Paper titled “Climate Change challenges and solutions in infra­st­ructure planning and adapt­ation”, which gives an overview of the topic and outlines solutions to cope with the challenges involved.

You are highly welcome to read the document that can be downloaded here.

ILF at HYDRO Asia 2018 in Vietnam


ILF Consulting Engineers will be repre­sented at the “Seventh Inter­na­tional Confe­rence and Exhibition on Water Resources and Renewable Energy Develo­pment in Asia” in Danang, Vietnam from 13 to 15 March 2018.

Florian Nagel will give a presen­tation as part of the “Finance and risk” session: “Develo­pment of Bankable Hydro­power Projects in South-East Asia using Monte Carlo Simulation” on 13 March 2018. Furthermore, Lochan Devkota will present on “Sedimen­tation management: Impact of the Koshi Barrage & Embank­ments on River Morphology and Dynamics” on 15 March 2018.

The speakers will be happy to receive questions or get feedback. Let us know how we can help you tackle your challenges ( or!

We look forward to welcoming you also at our stand (095). For further infor­mation please go to the website at:

Here you can find further infor­mation on our presen­tation at HYDRO Asia 2018.

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