ILF wins tunnel design contract for Schaftenau-Radfeld section


Within the framework of the upgrade to four-track operation of the Northern feeder line to the Brenner Base Tunnel, ILF Consulting Engineers and a partner were commissioned by ÖBB INFRA to carry out the tender and construction design as well as the geotechnical engineering on site for the primary lining of the approx. 2.5 km long Angath tunnel. Once completed, the Angath tunnel shall serve as the rescue tunnel for the 11.5 km long Angerberg tunnel.

The Schaftenau–Radfeld section is part of the northern feeder line of the Brenner Base Tunnel and therefore constitutes an essential part of the most important North-South railway link in Europe. The Angerberg tunnel situated near Wörgl is the key element of this upgrade.

The entire design services shall be carried out using the BIM method and shall also include the option for the tender and construction design together with the geotechnical engineering on site for the 2.9 km long section of the twin-track Angerberg tunnel. A sequential excavation method (NATM) is planned for the tunnel structures.

ILF has already been involved in the previous design phases and now continues to work on this challenging project in the next design phases.

Graphic: OEBB/GC Vision


ILF at the Pipeline Technology Conference 2021


ILF Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce its participation, as a Golden Sponsor, in the 16th Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC), to be held virtually, from March 15th to March 18th 2021.

Also during this year’s PTC, our experts will demonstrate their technical expertise. Dr. York Schorling, Director for large-scale projects, will present on the topic of hydrogen, and Dr. Robert Ofner, Head of Structural Engineering, and Dr. Klaus Robl, Geologist, will present on the topic of planning & construction.

You are most welcome to visit us at our digital booth to find out more about our competences and experience in the field of pipeline engineering.

Let us know how we can help you tackle your challenges (! We look forward to your visit. For further information, please visit the official PTC website at


World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development


March 4th is a great day for all engineers worldwide. It has been declared as the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development by UNESCO. This date not only recognizes the contribution of our profession to climate change and sustainability, but also reminds us to continue to increase this contribution.

Climate change and sustainability have a very high priority at ILF. With the provision of engineering and consulting services, ILF makes a significant contribution to improving the quality of life worldwide.


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“Scaling up Green Hydrogen in Europe”


Date and time:
February 26, 2021
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (CET) / 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM (GMT)

Green hydrogen is increasingly seen as an indispensable part of the Energy Transition. Ambitious targets for producing it have been set for the mid-2020s and 2030.

Many projects and use cases are proposed, but how is an industry that currently only operates at the level of tens of MW going to reach GW-scale quickly – and efficiently – enough? Will access to cheap energy at the boundaries of and/or outside Europe help to make green hydrogen competitive in the mid to long term, even taking the need to transport hydrogen into account?

ILF, Dentons  and Operis have produced a white paper on Scaling up Green Hydrogen in Europe. In it, we look across the hydrogen value chain and consider both the physical and contractual/regulatory infrastructure that will be needed to make the vision of a hydrogen economy a reality. We consider how to match supply and demand for hydrogen; suggest possible models for financing hydrogen projects and trading their output; and review the role of public financial support and other policy interventions. We are optimistic about the prospects, but also realistic about some of the challenges facing this new industry.

We will be launching the white paper at the online seminar.

After a brief presentation of our conclusions, a panel of industry experts who are engaged in commercial hydrogen projects will debate the issues and share insights from their own experience.

Speakers from ILF, Dentons and Operis will be joined by:

  • Julia Prescot, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at Meridiam Infrastructure, Member of the UK National Infrastructure Commission
  • Roland Schulze, Managerial Adviser on Low Carbon Technologies, European Investment Bank
  • Marinus Tabak, Plant Manager, RWE

Please click the “Register now” button below if you would like to attend the cost-free online seminar, or to receive a copy of the white paper when it is released.

We look forward to meeting you virtually and to an interesting discussion. Please do not hesitate to contact ILF if you have any questions.

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Solving Iraq’s increasing water scarcity


The Ministry of Construction, Housing Municipalities and Public Works of Iraq has awarded ILF Consulting Engineers a contract to provide consulting services for a project that should make desalinated seawater available for 13 municipalities in the Al Basrah governorate (Iraq). During the next 30 to 40 years, it is expected that the project will supply more than seven million people with potable water.

The project comprises a 1,000,000 m³/d capacity desalination plant, which will desalinate seawater taken from the Arabian Gulf in the area of the Al Fao Grand Port Development, and a 240 km long water transmission system, which will transport the potable water to nine offtake stations, thus connecting this new system with the existing water supply systems of 13 municipalities. A captive power plant with a capacity of 300 MW will produce the required energy to desalinate and transport the water.

ILF’s services are divided into two phases: Phase 1 includes the feasibility study, environmental scoping, conceptual design, preparation of tender documents and support of contract negotiations until award of the implementation contract. Phase 2 services comprise site supervision and PMC services, from the start of construction to the start of operation.


ILF signs contract for Tha-Htay Hydropower Project in Myanmar


On December 9th, 2020, ILF Consulting Engineers signed an engineering services contract with the Myanmar Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE), Department of Hydropower Implementation (DHPI) for the 110 MW Tha-Htay Hydropower Project.

The project uses the water flows of the Tha-Htay River, about 19 km northeast of Thandwe, Rakhine State. The project includes the construction of a 90 m high, zoned rockfill dam, with a crest length of 618 m. Two diversion tunnels with a diameter of 10 m each will divert the water during construction.

After an international competitive bidding process, ILF was awarded the engineering services, which cover the review of existing studies, preparation of tender documents and detailed design, as well as supervision support to the DHPI during the construction. The contract will cover a period of 57 months.


ILF still active at Vestfoldbanen railway tunnel project


As part of the ongoing Vestfoldbanen railway upgrade scheme, state-owned Norwegian railway infrastructure company Bane NOR is building 10 km of new double-track railway between Drammen and Kobbervikdalen.
In 2018, ILF Consulting Engineers was hired by the Norwegian contractor Veidekke Entreprenør AS as the designer of the most technically challenging section of the project, a 290 m-long tunnel mined in difficult geology below the groundwater table. The excavation commences in low cohesion glaciofluvial deposits and progressively transitions into full face rock excavation. Extensive ground improvement works in the form of jet-grouting will be executed from the surface in advance of the tunnelling works.

Norway has a long tradition of rock tunnelling, however large span soil tunnels are not common in the country. ILF is able to bring expertise and success on similar tunnel designs to this project.

Initially, ILF prepared the Tender Design and supported Veidekke during the Competitive Dialogue competition. After the EPC Contract was awarded to Veidekke in October 2019, ILF developed the Concept Design to later carry on with the Detailed Design, which is currently underway and includes a BIM model which is then integrated into a combined model of all the works within the contract.


Operation & safety eqpt.for Germany’s longest bi-direction tunnel


The 3.6 km long Kramer Tunnel will be the longest two-way tunnel in Germany. It is primarily meant to relieve through traffic in downtown Garmisch-Partenkirchen and towards Grainau/Eibsee and the federal border at Griesen. In 2020, the Staatliche Bauamt Weilheim contracted ILF Consulting Engineers to carry out the following design phases: 5 to 9 (among others, preparation of tender documents, contract awarding and site supervision) for the installation of the operation and safety equipment.

The Kramer tunnel will predominantly be constructed as a mined tunnel. Furthermore, the tunnel will have two operations buildings outside and a cavern inside the tunnel with a 26 m high exhaust air chimney. The tunnel is planned with cross passages accessible to pedestrians and vehicles as escape routes. More than 1,300 LED lights will ensure that necessary lighting is provided in the Kramer Tunnel. 16 jet fans (55 kW each), and 2 exhaust air fans (420 kW each) ensure that the required ventilation concept is implemented.

Since 2017 ILF has been successfully involved in the Kramer tunnel project, carrying out tunnelling and road design services, preparation of tender documents and risk analysis as well as the first three design phases for the operation and safety equipment.


Seasonal greetings and best wishes for 2021!


Besides diverse challenges that we faced, the year 2020 that is drawing to a close also brought us many encouraging developments. All in all, a sense of great satisfaction and gratitude prevails regarding what we have achieved together.

Our sincere thanks go to our esteemed clients and business partners for their constructive cooperation.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season, and above all else, health and happiness in the New Year 2021!


A revolution in reporting


On account of the growing complexity of day-to-day project work, the demands on reporting are increasing significantly. Due to the lack of automated processes, classic reporting is prone to errors, only partially up to date and time consuming as well.

By implementing analytical software solutions such as MS Power BI, the great potential of information management can also be used for reporting. The aim is to visualize project-specific data both quantitatively and qualitatively, and in a structured and descriptive manner. These project cockpits are used for quality assurance and also for project coordination and control.
For the project, 2. S-Bahn-Stammstrecke München (2nd Munich S-Bahn Main Line), the Client, Deutsche Bahn, requested quality assurance for BIM in the design phase for various disciplines. In the course of the general BIM coordination, ILF Consulting Engineers developed the quality assurance process by means of MS Power BI. In a multi-stage procedure, the quality of the individual technical models was evaluated and presented in a report. After the client’s approval, a uniform workflow, an interdisciplinary template and a project-specific user guide were developed.

For the project, this constitutes a new standard of quality assurance, which has been implemented for the first time with such professionalism and which will be a yardstick for future projects.


Grafing–Großkarolinenfeld section of Northern Feeder Line to BBT


The Northern Feeder Line forms part of the Trans-European Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor, which stretches from the South of Finland to the island of Malta. The current project is located along the Munich–Verona axis and is a component of the Northern Feeder Line to the Brenner Base Tunnel.

DB Netz AG has recently commissioned ILF Consulting Engineers, as part of a joint venture, to provide design services for the route selection process involving public participation for the planned Grafing–Großkarolinenfeld project area. The Grafing–Großkarolinenfeld section will consist of a new twin-track high-speed line running from Grafing station to an area south of Tuntenhausen. As part of this joint venture, ILF has also been involved in the Großkarolinenfeld–Schaftenau section in Austria since 2016. This section is located next to the Grafing–Großkarolinenfeld section.

The electrified twin-track high-speed line shall provide greater capacities for rail traffic and contribute to relieving traffic on the existing Munich–Innsbruck railway line. Facilitating train speeds of up to 230 km/h, the new line is furthermore advantageous for passengers traveling long distances. The Grafing–Großkarolinenfeld section has a length of approx. 23 km and a maximum longitudinal gradient of 12.5 ‰. The entire processing of the project has been done using BIM, starting from the early design stages.

Core elements of the design contract include development of feasible route alternatives, environmental investigations and interdisciplinary route selection, as well as performance of a comprehensive baseline survey and a project area analysis. The design works will be accompanied by extensive citizen participation.


BIM method is also used at the Wank Tunnel


ILF Consulting Engineers, together with partners, was awarded the contract for the design services for the new eastern bypass of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany) by Staatliches Bauamt Weilheim. This project will provide traffic relief on the existing B2 federal road Munich–Mittenwald with a predicted traffic volume of more than 30,000 vehicles/day.

An essential component of the approx. 5 km long city bypass is the construction of the approx. 3.5 km long Wank tunnel with a parallel escape tunnel at the south-western slope of the Wank mountain range.

The design services include all HOAI service phases, from the preliminary design to the construction design, and are to be carried out using the BIM method.


TuRisMo reduces the risk in road tunnels


With the implementation of EU Directive 2004/54/EC, tunnel safety became a central aspect in the design and operation of road tunnels. By doing so, Austria introduced a performance-based approach to tunnel safety. The Austrian tunnel risk analysis model (TuRisMo) is defined in the Austrian guideline RVS 09.03.11, which describes one of the first methods for analyzing and assessing road tunnel safety in a quantitative manner.

TuRisMo combines different methodical elements for analyzing a tunnel system in its entirety and follows a holistic approach. The use of TuRisMo offers the possibility of quantitatively recording and assessing almost all decisive factors influencing tunnel safety. This contributes to ensuring that investments for tunnel safety are used as cost efficiently as possible.

For more information or answers to your questions please contact


Combining infrastructures: H2 pipelines in cable routes


For the large-scale distribution of hydrogen in Germany, the Fachverband der Netzbetreiber (FNB) – the German Association of Network Operators – proposes to make modifications to the existing natural gas network as well as to a number of new construction projects.

A comparison of FNB’s proposed hydrogen network with underground cable projects in Germany shows that the routes for the direct current transmission lines, which are already in the planning stage, could be meaningfully used to complete the planned H2 pipeline network. In addition, this could increase the H2 transport capacities in a North–South direction to approximately 10 GWh/h.

In an initial study conducted by ILF Consulting Engineers, it became apparent that pipe laying is technically feasible within a large part of the route for the power transmission lines, with only a few sections leading to increased planning and construction costs. For the smallest part of the routes, a small-scale re-routing of the H2 pipeline is likely to be advisable for economic reasons. The next steps shall be the examination of the general conditions, especially with regard to the project’s chances of receiving authority approval and a detailed consideration of the technical feasibility.


Railway route for commuters to Cologne is being expanded


Like many urban agglomerations, Cologne is also experiencing increasing numbers of commuters. In addition, the highly frequented Cologne railway loop is a central connection point for regional, national and international rail traffic.

In order to increase the capacity of the line and the frequency of the trains on the line, investments are to be made into the expansion of Cologne’s local public transport system. ILF Consulting Engineers has been commissioned with the overall design for the expansion of the S11/S-Bahn Main Line, package 1 “VP1” (Köln-Dellbrück to Bergisch Gladbach) (

The scope of services includes, among other things, the planning and design of the transportation facilities and engineering structures, environmental planning, subsoil investigations, the necessary noise and vibration investigations, the planning and design of the control and signaling technology as well as overhead transmission systems, and site supervision during the planning and design.


Can you teach an old dog new tricks?


Hydro power is commonly considered as a mature technology. Does this mean that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks?

The increase in calculation power allows us employing Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations to tailor standard structures to your needs and to design and test truly innovative hydraulics structures.

See in the below video how we used cutting-edge CFD models to re-design the Nam Emoun project in Lao PDR. The key for the transformation of the project was the implementation of fully pressurized waterways. To guarantee operational flexibility and hydraulic stability, an innovative baffled dropshaft structure was developed and tested. Thus, the cost of the project could be reduced by USD20 million compared to the prior contractor offer, the energy output was increased by almost 10% and the construction time was reduced by 8 months. CFD was key to turn a barely feasible project into a high-performance investment. So, Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Contact us to learn more about Engineering Excellence by ILF Consulting Engineers and how ILF can help you develop and built truly sustainable energy projects. Our Engineering, Your Success!

The video can also be found here.


A Sustainable Upgrade for the Schmittenhöhe Snow-Making System


After years of searching in vain for an ecologically and economically justifiable location for a new storage reservoir, which is needed to increase the capacity of the snow-making system in the northern part of the Schmittenhöhe ski area, an alternative solution, which involves taking water directly from Lake Zell, has been developed together with Schmittenhöhebahn AG, one of ILF’s long-standing clients. ILF was commissioned to develop a technically feasible solution that could be approved by the authorities and to support the implementation of this solution during the permit application design, detailed design and site supervision, all the way through to commissioning.

A first construction phase in 2019 included the construction of a pumping station at Lake Zell, which involved the installation of pipes via pipe jacking under the federal road, the ÖBB railway line and the lakeside promenade, with the pipes leading directly into Lake Zell. Water is taken from Lake Zell and pumped through several pump units, at a total of 150 l/s, via an approximately 3-km-long supply line to the existing Sonnalm I pumping station.

In 2020, the Sonnalm II pumping station was constructed during the second construction phase. By means of an additional pumping station, the entire additional flow capacity can now be used to transport water to the snow makers via the new powerful cooling system with a total of 6 large cooling towers. After completion and commissioning of the system in autumn 2020, the Schmittenhöhe AG will now be able to provide guaranteed snow in the northern part of the ski area, thanks to the powerful snow-making system.


When rain becomes a flood


Cooling off in a sudden rain shower on a hot summer day often feels good. But a thunderstorm with torrential rain can quickly lead to flooding and cause serious damages in cities and settlements.
Extreme rainfall events are difficult to predict as they occur suddenly and on a small spatial scale. Due to climate change, the occurrence of such events will very likely increase and it is advisable to be well prepared before they happen.

With a competent and interdisciplinary team and with specialized modeling tools, ILF Consulting Engineers supports its clients in preparing and developing protective measures. A key element is the hazard analysis carried out using a hydrodynamic model that simulates the runoff of stormwater in the drainage system and on the surface, i.e. on streets, squares, or along ditches and rivers, thus making it possible to assess the associated risks. Based on the analysis results, various protective measures can be developed.

For more information or answers to your questions please contact


Computational Design for Infrastructure projects


Through the application of Computational Design (CD) on infrastructure projects, ILF Consulting Engineers breaks new ground. The approach was based on combining the CD skills with engineering and software expertise. Together, this combination was able to recognize the possibilities and streamline design processes with increased quality and time savings.

ILF tunneling experts used CD to create optimized tunnel profile designs for the creation of building information modeling (BIM) models of tunnels based on real-world tunnel projects. Using generative design solutions which allow the user to set variables and desired goals such as minimum excavation area and/or required ventilation area, an optimized tunnel cross section is produced and used in turn for the creation of the BIM models.

A further example involved the design of tunnel branches based on inputs such as typical cross section data, alignments, gradients, chainages and cross slope information. A parametric 3D model of the tunnel branch geometry and 2D sections of the tunnel profiles are produced. By reducing the time for production of design alternatives to 20 %, various alternatives can be considered and the quality of the final design can be optimized.

For further information or answers to your questions, please contact



Stuttgart 21 – a 10-year success story


ILF Consulting Engineers has been working on the large-scale project Stuttgart 21 (S21) since being awarded a contract by the Deutsche Bahn, at the end of 2009, to carry out the construction supervision for various sections of the project. With the planned construction works, the entire floor plan of the Stuttgart Central Station will be rotated by approx. 90 degrees and laid underground. This requires the construction of numerous new interconnections and many modifications on existing lines in the inner-city area, as well as the construction of new tunnel sections as feeder lines to the future Stuttgart station.

ILF’s scope of services comprises the design sections 1.2 and 1.6a of the S21 project (see overview below), which are interconnected to the new central station by tunnels ending in the future high-speed track of the new Stuttgart–Ulm line, which is currently being constructed in the South of Stuttgart. In addition there are underground connections to the existing railway lines towards Untertürkeim and Obertürkheim in the East.

ILF’s experts have now been successfully involved in this large-scale project for more than 10 years and will continue to work on this project for some years to come. The commissioned services mainly comprise technical and construction contract-related services as the construction supervisor, railway operational services in the vicinity of the facilities in operation, as well as services for project completion including handover of the entire concrete and structural works prior to the commencement of works on the track bed structures being carried out by other contractors.

So far, a total of approximately 28 km of single-track tunnel tubes have been driven using mining methods (NATM) and tunnel boring machines (TBMs). The tunnel cross sections are approximately 8 to 9 m in diameter, with underground bifurcations as well as approximately 30 emergency connection structures. In addition, 3 large portal structures are being constructed using the cut-and-cover method, each approximately 300-500 m long with trough and rectangular cross-sections in partly confined conditions next to railway lines that are already in operation.

Currently, the last tunnel sections are being driven towards Obertürkheim. Parallel to this, the inner linings in all sections of the tunnels and the cut-and-cover works in the portal areas are nearing completion. The next major milestone is expected to be reached by mid-2021, which will comprise the initiation of the subsequent track works on several tunnel sections around Stuttgart.


New Ammonia Tanks in Aqaba


KEMAPCO Arab Fertilizers & Chemicals Industries Company in Jordan has commissioned ILF Consulting Engineers to provide Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services for new ammonia tanks.

KEMAPCO’s production facilities currently have a production capacity of 175 Kt of potassium nitrate (NOP) fertilizer and nitric acid per year, which covers approximately 8% of total global NOP demand. At present, KEMAPCO receives its supply of ammonia from a third party company via pumps and pipelines. In order to increase independence from suppliers, the construction of a new ammonia storage tank with a capacity of 20,000 Mt is planned in the economic zone of Aqaba. The project consists of a double-walled, cooled ammonia storage tank with loading and unloading facilities and all other related equipment.

ILF has been commissioned with the project management, conceptual/tender design for the EPC contract as well as construction and commissioning supervision.


Go-ahead for the StadtRegioTram Line Extension to Kremsdorf


The StadtRegioTram (SRT) is an essential component of the overall traffic and transport management concept and of the public transport network for the greater Linz area, and currently runs from the city center of Linz to the city of Traun. In the future, a third extension to the line is planned, with the new section leading to Kremsdorf, in the municipality of Ansfelden. The first two extensions of the line have already achieved a significant increase in passenger numbers compared to the forecasts. In 2018, the annual number of passengers on lines 3 and 4 was 6.8 million. On the planned third extension to the SRT, approximately 12,000 passengers are expected on working days.

In August 2020, ILF, as part of a partnership and as best bidder, was awarded the contract, by Schiene OÖ GmbH, for the conceptual design of the approx. 4.4 km long extension of the line. The objective of the conceptual design is to make important decisions and stipulations relating to the technical content and/or spatial extent of the project, and to assess their impact on both the environment and costs. This should provide a stable basis for the political decision regarding the realization of the project.


Ski World Championships 2025 in Saalbach-Hinterglemm


For the second time, the Alpine Ski World Championships 2025 will be held in Saalbach-Hinterglemm (Austria). The Saalbach ski resort, a long-standing client of ILF Consulting Engineers, beat its competitors, the renowned ski resorts Crans Montana (Switzerland) and Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany) in the runoff for the 2025 Ski World Championships.

All races of the Word Championships will take place at Zwölferkogel and therefore on snow provided by snow-making systems designed by ILF. Congratulations to our client! We look forward to exciting competitions in Saalbach.


Freestyle bike event in a class of its own – Crankworx Innsbruck


For the fourth time in a row, the world’s largest gravity mountain bike festival took place in Tirol last weekend. The host, Bikepark Innsbruck at the Muttereralm, created perfect conditions for the bike pros despite the inclement weather conditions.

The victory of two Austrian mountain bike riders in the downhill race on the trails and courses designed by ILF made for an exciting finish to Crankworx on Sunday. We look forward to seeing the athletes again on the Muttereralm at Crankworx 2021.


More Snow for the Reiterkogel Snow-Making System in Hinterglemm


In summer 2020, Bergbahnen Saalbach-Hinterglemm GmbH (BBSH) made the decision to further expand the Reiterkogel snow-making system. The aim of the expansion is to considerably increase the system’s snow-making capacity in order to substantially improve snow cover and be prepared for future challenges.

The key component of the two-year construction project is the Rosswald storage reservoir, with a total capacity of approx. 230,000 m³, and the associated new pumping station. The dam of the storage reservoir, with a maximum height of 42 m, will be constructed in its entirety using processed material from the reservoir excavation.

The existing system together with the new storage reservoir and the adjacent pumping stations will contribute to highly efficient water management and system performance at the Reiterkogel.

Upon completion of the renaturalization works, the Rosswald storage reservoir will become a popular destination for summer excursions blending perfectly into the picturesque surroundings. The reservoir’s easy accessibility makes it an ideal spot for summer tourism.

Schneeanlage Reiterkogel / Hinterglemm

Green electricity storage facility in Gaildorf


The water battery is an innovative combination of a wind power plant and a small and flexible pumped storage plant for the storage and controlled feed of volatile renewable energy into the grid. The first pilot project is currently underway in Gaildorf (Germany). For this purpose, ILF Consulting Engineers was commissioned by Max Bögl Wind AG to provide different consulting and design services for the pumped storage plant.

Innovative solutions and various other unique features characterize the initial implementation in Gaildorf and make this project a lighthouse project. The storage plant has a head of 200 m. With regard to machinery, the innovate character is emphasized by the 3×6 MW variable speed reversible pump turbines with asynchronous generator and full converter, all of which is meant to achieve maximum flexibility for demand based storage and feed-in of the generated energy.

The forward-looking project is supported with EUR 7.15 million funded through the environmental innovation program of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety.*




Take the train, collect Green Points, protect the environment


Once again, ILF Consulting Engineers’ employees in Austria are among the most frequent train passengers in Austria. By taking the train for business trips, last year ILF employees collected lots of “Green Points”, a program initiated by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), and reduced CO2 emissions by 86.8 tons. ILF is proud that this figure again represents a significant increase from the previous year (63.1 tons).

ILF greatly appreciates this ÖBB initiative, as the sustainable protection of the environment is extremely important both with regard to the structures and facilities planned by ILF and the daily project work. We continue to strive to contribute to sustainability in Austria by taking ÖBB trains for business trips and thereby supporting this great initiative.


Resilient infrastructure – how does that work?


Extreme heat or snowfall, storms, floods and forest fires can have multiple impacts on our daily lives. These phenomena are not new but they are increasing in intensity and frequency, and are therefore a great challenge for the resilience of transport infrastructure. The consequences that we all notice are extensive traffic jams, lengthy closures, material damage, major detours and long delays.

ILF Consulting Engineers is currently working intensively on two research projects in Germany, to be able to counteract the effects of ongoing climate change. The resilience of transport infrastructure has to do with the availability of the transport network in the event of effects resulting from extreme events of any kind.

The great complexity of the topic and the interconnection of different aspects require a high level of technical competence. Just as important is the ability to recognize functional relationships and to structure them appropriately.

The competence and experience of ILF’s experts makes it possible to implement challenging projects at home and abroad in the best possible way.



Electro-mechanical challenge at the Engelberg Base Tunnel


ILF Consulting Engineers has recently won several very interesting projects in the field of electro-mechanical equipment for road tunnels. One project, which deserves special mention, is a construction supervision contract at the Engelberg Base Tunnel near Leonberg, which was awarded to ILF and a partner by the regional government authority serving the German city of Stuttgart (Regierungspräsidium Stuttgart).

Due to its central location, linking the A8 and the A81 motorway, the twin-tube tunnel with a length of approximately 2,530 m plays a key role as a north-south and east-west traffic hub in southern Germany.

In addition to highly complex structural rehabilitation works being required due to deformations and damage of the permanent lining in parts of the tunnel, the electro-mechanical equipment will have to be upgraded to meet the latest safety requirements.


Modeling of water resources



Water is life and a resilient infrastructure is a key element for sustainable development and political stability. For the planning, design and implementation of many infrastructure projects and for a comprehensive river basin management, knowledge about the availability of water over space and time is an important pre-requisite for decision-making and design processes.

Water balance analyses depend strongly on suitable software and, above all, on reliable data on temperature, precipitation and discharge, etc. In many regions of the world, the quality and quantity of this data from the past is not sufficient – a dilemma when it comes to making informed investment and planning decisions.

This is why, a modeling tool called SUPRA tool (Simulation of Water Resources Under Present and Future Climate) is currently being developed and tested in close cooperation with the long-term research and development partners alpS GmbH and alpS Research of the University of Innsbruck. In the future, this tool will make it possible to calculate the current water balance situation and future scenarios more accurately, especially in mountainous regions with limited data availability but also in all other areas around the world.


ILF is member of the Bavarian Hydrogen Alliance


Hydrogen is regarded as one of the key elements for global energy system transformation and climate protection, as it can be produced and used flexibly and without emissions, and at the same time is easy to transport and store.

To strengthen and further develop Bavaria’s technological competence in the field of innovative hydrogen technologies, the State of Bavaria founded the Center Hydrogen.Bavaria (H2.B) in 2019 and initiated the Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria. The aim is to bring together key players in industry, science, and politics in order, among other things, to advance the topic of “hydrogen economy” in Bavaria as quickly as possible and to achieve the use of hydrogen in broad practical application. The focus here is, above all, on demonstration and lighthouse projects.

ILF has many years of practical experience in consulting, planning, and project management in the energy and transport sector. We are currently supporting several pilot projects on hydrogen production, transport, and acceptance. Also, ILF advises companies on the use of hydrogen along the entire value chain, thus contributing to the establishment of a hydrogen infrastructure.

We are therefore delighted to be able to contribute to the progress of hydrogen technologies as an official member of the Bavarian Hydrogen Alliance since June 2020.

Environmentally friendly solution of renewable energy storage - hydrogen gas to clean electricity facility situated in forest environment. 3d rendering.

It’s all new – the Obervellach II hydropower plant


Together with partners, ILF Consulting Engineers was in charge of the site supervision and contract management for the new construction of the Obervellach II hydropower plant as commissioned by ÖBB Infrastruktur AG. This hydropower plant replaces the two existing power plants – Lassach (built in 1905) and Obervellach I (built in 1929) in Carinthia/Austria – they will be decommissioned and partly dismantled.

The planned new hydropower plant will provide traction power (16.7 Hz) and will have a capacity of 38 MW and consist of three water intake structures, an approx. 3.9 km long headrace tunnel and an approx. 0.6 km long storage tunnel with a storage volume of some 60,000 m3. Furthermore, the overall project includes an approx. 1.5 km long pressure pipeline (d = 1.8m) and a power house with two machine units and an approx. 2 km long pressure pipeline (d=0.7 m) including a small hydropower plant (50 Hz) as well as further facilities.


Kick-off for further design services for the Belchen Road Tunnel


The Belchen road tunnel was opened in 1970 and consists of two separate twin-lane tubes with unidirectional traffic, each having a length of 3.2 km. In early 2021, with the so-called rehabilitation tunnel going into operation, the Belchen tunnel system will comprise three twin-lane tunnels. ILF Consulting Engineers is also involved in the design and construction of the rehabilitation tunnel.

Extensive rehabilitation works were already carried out on the existing road tunnel from 2001 to 2003. However, the swelling rock (anhydrite) is increasingly leaving visible traces. In order to ensure the safety and capacity of one of Switzerland’s busiest roads, the two existing tunnels at Belchen will be refurbished one after the other as part of the second rehabilitation.

The intended measures include the replacement of parts of the in-situ lining, backfilling of cavities that were detected in the crown, design of utility lines and fire-fighting system, and expansion/new construction of cross passages. Water ingress in connection with swelling anhydrite are the great challenges in these complex ground conditions.

Being part of the design consortium, ILF was tasked with developing and implementing the project up to commissioning by the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). The project was launched in June 2020 and is expected to be concluded by mid-2032.

created by dji camera

Ferngas receives the building permit for its gas pipeline


According to the Federal Ministry of Economics, natural gas, having a market share of around 44%, is the most important source of heat and energy for private households in Germany. To continue to meet the associated high demand for natural gas, the network operator Ferngas, which operates a transmission and distribution network in Bavaria, Thuringia and parts of Hesse, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, is renewing one of its existing natural gas pipelines in Saxony and Thuringia.

The 125 km long pipeline, which runs through Saxony and Eastern Thuringia, was built in the 1950s and 60s and is to be completely renewed by 2023. The modernization is planned to take place in several sections, without any disruption being caused to the supply of gas along the existing pipeline route. In addition to the main lines and connecting lines, numerous ancillary facilities and route-related infrastructure are being renewed. The new pipeline will largely remain in the existing pipeline route, which will minimize the impact on both the environment and local residents.

The aim is to increase the operational flexibility of the network, as well as the capacity and the security of supply for the coming decades. Furthermore, the renewal of the pipeline will help improvements to be made to pipeline monitoring and control.

ILF Consulting Engineers has been commissioned by Ferngas to provide project control and project management services in accordance with the scope of services listed in the AHO (Committee of the Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects for the Fee Structure) booklet no. 9.

Having nearly completed the renewal of the pipeline in Saxony, the statutory authority approval and thus the building permit has now been received for the Thuringian section of the pipeline, enabling Ferngas to reach another decisive milestone in the renewal of its gas pipeline in Thuringia.


8-Lane Upgrade of the A 99 Munich Motorway Ring


The A 99 is one of the busiest motorways in Germany – up to 160,000 vehicles use the eastern bypass near Munich every day and traffic jams are a daily occurrence. To improve the situation, an 8-lane upgrade of the motorway is being designed and has been under construction for several years. In March 2020, ILF Consulting Engineers was commissioned by the Autobahndirektion Südbayern to provide design services for the upgrade of the A 99 between the Kirchheim and Haar junctions.

The approx. 8 km long 8-lane upgrade of the A 99 and approx. 4 km long upgrade of the A 94 also include the conversion of the München-Ost motorway junction into a modified windmill with two semi-direct ramps. Additionally, the Feldkirchen-Ost, Parsdorf and Haar junctions are to be adapted. The complex conversion and upgrade is being carried out without interrupting traffic.

ILF Consulting Engineers is responsible for the following areas: road design, structural design of civil engineering structures (noise barriers and supporting structures) and project management, as well as various supplementary design services such as comprehensive construction phase and traffic management planning and coordinate transformations of basic data.


ILF awarded with further planning services for SuedLink


As one of eight companies nationwide, ILF Consulting Engineers has qualified for a framework contract for various planning services for the SuedLink project in Germany. The focus of this framework contract with TenneT & Transnet is on the regional planning offices. The framework agreements are divided into the sections North, Central, and South with corresponding sub-sections. With a total length of approximately 680 km, SuedLink thus consists of a total of 9 planning sections.

Through the framework agreement, ILF Consulting Engineers has now been appointed as “Regional Planning Bureau (RPB)” for the northernmost section (PA1). With connections to the grid connection points Wilster and Brunsbüttel, it consists of one of the most technically challenging sections with a total length of approx. 71 km. The sub-section for project 3 extends from the Brunsbüttel to Stade grid connection point, and the sub-section for project 4 extends from the Wilster to Stade grid connection point.

ILF was initially commissioned with the detailed design, including project management and control, the mobilisation phase, the route investigation, the soil investigation, the coordination of the crossings as well as the planning approval of the Elbe crossing. Commissioning is planned for 2026.

SuedLink 1_s

Construction of new teaching & office building for Uni Innsbruck


Despite the current exceptional situation, it was possible to start construction of the new teaching and office building I52A at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) in compliance with strict safety and health requirements. The new building will be adjacent to the historical main building of the university and will be characterized by its future-oriented design. By optimizing the project with regard to the limited urban space available, a valuable urban recreation space will additionally be created.

The design of the nine-story building with a floor space of approx. 12,800 m2 and a gross building volume of approx. 110,000 m³ follows the principles of sustainability. This is consistently reflected in the design of the building services, whereby the Client’s low-tech concept is fully accommodated for and is expressed in results optimized from a climate and economy perspective.

On behalf of the BUNDESIMMOBILIENGESELLSCHAFT M.B.H., ILF Consulting Engineers together with a partner has accompanied the development of this extraordinary project in the capacity of project controller from the conceptual design phase and will manage the construction together with the client to meet the quality, time and cost criteria.

This milestone has not just been reached due to the work and efforts of all parties involved in the project, but is also the result of the optimal combination of engineering excellence and project management!


White paper “Digitalization in Industry – An Austrian Perspective


The cooperative doctoral school SIC! (Smart Industrial Concept), which ILF is a cooperation partner of, has produced a white paper titled “Digitalization in Industry – An Austrian Perspective“ on behalf of the Klima- und Energiefonds (Austrian Climate and Energy Funds) as part of the national project Annex XVIII. The aim of this paper is to examine the effects of digitalization on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in energy intensive industries.

The eight participating PhD students, one of whom is ILF employee Leopold Prendl, are investigating 15 relevant techniques, technologies and applications, as well as the current situation in Austria. They also show that digitalization measures are both economical and sustainable.

The white paper can be found here.

Machbarkeitsstudie für multisektorales Investitionsprogramm Gaza


Die deutsche Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) hat kürzlich ILF Consulting Engineers beauftragt, eine Machbarkeitsstudie / Projekt-Screening für ihr multisektorales Investitionsprogramm Gaza durchzuführen.

Ziel dieses Programms ist die Beurteilung von verschiedenen Ansätzen zur Förderung der Nutzung erneuerbarer Energiequellen und energiesparender Technologien in Gaza sowie die Festlegung von Strategien, die die größtmöglichen Wirkung erzielen können. Daher ist dieses Programm hauptsächlich auf die Bevölkerung in Gaza ausgerichtet, die von einer verbesserten Energieversorgung profitieren soll.

Für weitere Informationen zum Projekt oder wenn Sie mehr darüber erfahren wollen, wie wir Ihnen helfen können, die Herausforderungen zu meistern, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter

Feasibility Study for Multi-Sectoral Investment Program in Gaza


ILF to assess and study the The German Development Bank (KfW) recently appointed ILF Consulting Engineers to perform a feasibility study / project screening for their Multi-Sectoral Investment Program (MIP) in Gaza.

The objective of this program is to evaluate several approaches for promoting the use of renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies in Gaza, and to determine strategies that can achieve the greatest possible impacts. Hence, this program is primarily directed towards the population of Gaza, who shall benefit from having an improved energy supply.

For further information on the project, or if you want to know more about how we can help you tackle your challenges, please contact us at

A message about the Corona virus (COVID-19)


Dear Clients and Business Partners,

We are all currently facing unprecedented moments in history with the worldwide spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19).

At ILF Consulting Engineers, we are taking utmost care of our people and at the same time are continuing to focus on how to best support our clients and business partners.

We are following the guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO) and of local governments, and are closely monitoring the changing circumstances across our office locations. In line with the ever-changing situation, we are taking the necessary decisions, such as restricting travel and face-to-face business meetings, and adapting our working practices accordingly.

Our clients’ projects and operations are extremely important to us. Based on our highly flexible approach, combined with our collaborative business culture and our ability to work remotely, we remain fully committed and able to continue rendering services for our valued clients and business partners.

Although these times are extremely demanding, we are well prepared, and highly confident that together with our clients and business partners we will successfully overcome the upcoming challenges and even strengthen our resilience capabilities.

Stay healthy and best regards

Klaus Lässer

Commencement of the Uzbekistan Gas Master Plan


ILF Business Consult, in cooperation with the national gas transmission operator Uztransgas, has successfully launched the Gas Master Plan project, funded by the Asian Development Bank.

The initial project objective is to develop mid and long-term strategies for the development of the gas transportation infrastructure in Uzbekistan; while the ultimate target is to achieve sustainable development of the gas sector and energy security within Uzbekistan and Central Asia. At project completion, Uzbekistan will be positioned to become a prospective Gas Hub of Central Asia.

In the photo: ILF Business Consult Managing Director, Dr. Andreas Linke and Senior Project Manager, Yeszhan Khamitov. Picture dated February 2020.


TBM breakthrough in Georgia


With the support of ILF Consulting Engineers, assuming the role of Owner’s Engineer, the Mtkvari Hydro Power Project in Georgia, which is managed by Mtkvari Hesi LLC and financed by the Georgian Co-Investment Fund, has reached one of the most important project milestones.

On February 6th, 2020, the breakthrough of the longest and widest tunnel in Georgia to date has been completed. Excavation of the 9.6-km-long and 6-m-wide tunnel was achieved using a Hard Rock Double Shield TBM.

The total design capacity of the Mtkvari HPP is 53.0 MW and its expected annual energy generation is 251.5 GWh, which equates 1.9 % of Georgia’s total electricity consumption. The tunnel excavation constitutes a major achievement within the construction process and its completion will allow the final stage of the HPP construction to commence.


Lighthouse Solar Program in Senegal now in operation


In 2015 ILF Consulting Engineers was awarded an Owner’s Engineer contract by Senelec and KfW for the implementation of eight photovoltaic and hybrid power plants in Senegal. Now, only four years after the start of the project, these first of its kind projects in Senegal and West Africa are in operation; the last power plants will be commissioned early 2020.

These PV and hybrid power plants are some of the largest in West Africa and are lighthouse projects for the distribution of these technologies in Africa. The aim was to reduce Senegal’s dependency on light fuel/heavy fuel oil imports, reduce the cost of electricity as well as to improve the quality and the reliability of the electricity supply in Senegal.
Furthermore, the electrification of rural areas and the social & economic development of these regions should be promoted. With eight power plants being located all over the country, seven remote cities with a population of up to 50,000 inhabitants each can now be supplied with greener energy 24/7. The project consists of one grid-connected 23MWp PV power plant (supplying among others the international airport of Senegal), four PV/Li-ion battery/diesel hybrid systems and three PV/diesel hybrid systems.

As part of ILF’s role as OE, ILF was responsible for the conceptual design, tendering, construction supervision and commissioning as well as for supervising the plants’ performance and the O&M Contractor during the first year. For further information, please contact us at


Seasonal greetings and best wishes for 2020!


Besides diverse challenges that we faced, the year 2018 that is drawing to a close also brought us many encouraging developments. All in all, a sense of great satisfaction and gratitude prevails regarding what we have achieved together.

Our sincere thanks go to our esteemed clients and business partners for their constructive cooperation.

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2019!


Meet us at the international STUVA conference 2019


ILF Consulting Engineers will be present at the STUVA conference (International Forum for Tunnels and Infrastructure) taking place in Frankfurt/Germany from 26 to 28 November 2019.

Visit our booth C147 in exhibition hall 5.1 (Messe Frankfurt am Main, Germany) to learn more about our competence and experience and talk to us about how we can provide you with comprehensive support in the field of tunnel planning and design.

We would also be pleased to welcome you to one of our lectures:

  • 26/11/2019 at 11:15: Bernhard Kohl will present the new report “Prevention and Mitigation of Road Tunnel Related Collisions” from the Safety Working Group of the World Road Association PIARC
  • 26/11/2019 at 12:00: Sebastian Höser will report on the “Major Project Stuttgart 21: Kriegsberg Bifurcation Structure in the Bad Cannstatt Tunnel – Strengthening the Outer Lining, Reinforcement Measures, Sustainable Outer Shell”
  • 27/11/2019 at 14:30: Hubert Heis, Momchil Venkov and Benjamin Riedl will report on “Tunnel Safety – A Review of Specific Differences in Guidelines and Codes of Practice Country-by-Country as well as Practical Scrutiny Based on a Comparison of Tunnel Lighting”
  • 27/11/2019 at 15:00: Harald Kammerer and Michael Barth will report on “Possibilities for the (Partial) Use of Road Tunnels Given Reduced Capacity: Structural, Operational and Organisational Measures – The RITUN Research Project ”

We are looking forward to your visit and many interesting discussions! For further information please go to the website


ILF at the ADIPEC 2019 Conference


ILF Consulting Engineers will be present at the “Abu Dhabi International Exhibition & Conference”. With 145,000 trade visitors and 2,200 exhibiting companies, ADIPEC is the biggest oil and gas exhibition in the world.

You are cordially invited to visit us in Hall 14 at booth 14248.


Challenges at the “Wolframstrasse” S-Bahn Tunnel – Stuttgart 21


In 2017, ILF Consulting Engineers was awarded a contract for the detailed design services of Section 1.5 – Permit Application Procedure (contract section 4 South), better known as “Wolframstrasse”, by a joint venture consisting of the companies Kunz, Leonhard Weiss and Kurt Motz. This challenging section is an integral part of the large-scale project “Stuttgart 21”. It is an approx. 450 m long rapid transit railway tunnel, predominantly constructed using the cut-and-cover method, which constitutes the S-Bahn link from the North to the central station.

It is worth mentioning that about 100 m are to be constructed in an existing tunnel while keeping the railway operational. Throughout the entire construction period, two of the four rail tracks will be kept in operation. Additional challenges arise from the location of the contract section in the immediate vicinity of the railway station, from avoiding interruptions of traffic in Wolframstrasse, from construction works carried out in existing structures and from the low overburden of a sewer main that crosses the tunnel. To date all challenges have been tackled and the design services are taking place in accordance with the specifications of the joint venture.

After the completion of the construction works at Stuttgart 21, the entire platform area, the track area and the existing tunnel will be removed to make room for a new city district.


ILF awarded mainline FEED & Detailed Engineering for KAPS


Keyera Corp. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) recently awarded ILF Consulting Engineers the mainline FEED & Detailed Engineering contract for the estimated CAD 1.3 billion KAPS project.

KAPS is a natural gas liquids (NGL) and condensate pipeline system that will transport growing production from the Montney and Duvernay fields, in northwestern Alberta, to Fort Saskatchewan, north of Alberta’s capital city Edmonton. Keyera has partnered with SemCAMS Midstream ULC, owned jointly by SemGroup Corporation® and KKR, to develop this pipeline system.

Based on the current scope, KAPS will consist of a 16-inch condensate pipeline and a 12-inch NGL mix pipeline, associated pumping stations, including provisions for future expansion. The total mainline length per current scope is foreseen to be approximately 550 km. KAPS will initially be constructed from northwest of Grande Prairie and connect to Keyera’s Fort Saskatchewan Fractionation and Storage Facility (KFS).

For more information on Keyera and the KAPS project, please visit:


Participation at HOKO 2019 on November 6th


ILF will present itself at HOKO 2019 fair at the University of Applied Science in Munich and is looking forward to meet a lot of interesting and interested students as well as Young professionals personally. Our standnumber is A-33.

Furthermore we would like to inform you that we will give a lecture at 3 p.m. on the topic: „If petroleum gas, hydrogen, high voltage underground cables or photovoltaic-hybrid – how to plan the power supply of the future with ILF”.

See you there!


ILF at ECI SUS XIV Shotcrete Conference in Thailand


ILF Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce that Dr. Matthias Beisler, ILF’s managing director in Southeast Asia, will chair the International Conference on Shotcrete for Underground Support – ECI SUS XIV 2019 in Thailand, November 17th -20th, 2019.

ECI SUS XIV aims to pool the consolidated knowledge and experience from engineers, researchers and project managers from across the world, in order to share and discuss state-of-the-art technology and best practices in rock engineering, rock support methods, TBM tunneling and deep excavation. Several highly experienced experts from ILF Consulting Engineers will also give keynote speeches and technical presentations and will be pleased to engage in discussions with you.

The detailed conference program can be found on the ECI website ( Please do not hesitate to contact the conference chair ( if you have any questions.


Power Generation using Pipelines


ILF Consulting Engineers was commissioned by a well-known client to investigate the installation of a turbine for energy recovery in a potential crude oil pipeline system. Not only did this investigation have to make sure that the energy recovery system would not have a negative impact on the conveyance of oil, but also take account of the fact that pipelines are normally operated using different flow rates under changing pressure conditions.

To read more on the results of the investigation and the associated commercial aspects, take a look here or see the current issue of the International Oil & Gas Engineer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


ILF appointed as technical advisor for IFCs Scaling Solar Program


As part of the Scaling Solar Program, the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has signed an agreement with the Government of Togo to develop several grid-connected solar power projects with a combined capacity of up to 90 MW. Being the 6th country to join the IFC’s Scaling Solar Program, in Togo the Government is seeking to increase capacity so that growing energy demands can be met whilst at the same time reducing costs.

ILF Consulting Engineers has once again been chosen by the IFC to be the Technical Advisor for the implementation of this lighthouse project in Togo. Once completed, it will be Togo’s first utility-scale solar development of this kind.

For further information please contact us at

Solar Panel Array

Turning on the water at Hochalm II storage reservoir


The Hinterglemmer Bergbahnen have been able to start filling the expanded Hochalm II storage reservoir (Austria) on time – a modernization which has taken two years. The water reservoir for the snowmaking system of the Hochalm area was expanded in two construction stages. Works began on 4 June 2018, and water started flowing into the Hochalm II storage reservoir on 30 August 2019. Filling of the storage reservoir, which can hold 251,300 m³ of water, began on schedule.

By delivering innovative design and a clever construction sequence, ILF Consulting Engineers has been assisting its long-standing client with the expansion and strengthening of the Hochalm snow-making system since 2016. “The close cooperation with the Hinterglemmer Bergbahnen enabled our team to deliver an innovative project to secure snow conditions in Hinterglemm for future ski seasons,” says Gerhard Pumpernik, Head of the Department of Ski Resorts and Alpine Engineering at ILF.

ILF would like to thank the Hinterglemmer Bergbahnen for their confidence in ILF and congratulates them on accomplishing this milestone.

Erstebefüllung Speicherteich Hochalm

Protection of Critical Infrastructure


To us, protection of critical infrastructure includes more than just having a “secure” laptop or on-site security. In our latest article, our experts present a holistic approach to protecting critical infrastructure against a multitude of threads.

Read more on our website or in the latest issue of World Pipelines Extreme.

For further information please contact us at


Handover ceremony held as part of a water and wastewater project


ILF Consulting Engineers attended a ceremony held in the city of Kara-Suu (Kyrgyz Republic) at the end of May, at which special vehicles purchased as part of the “Improving Water Supply and Sanitation in Kara-Suu” project were handed over. The key speakers at the event were the Mayor of Kara-Suu, Kutugali Kozubayev, the Akim of the Kara-Suu district, Tilek Matraimov, the EU Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic, Eduard Auer, and the EBRD Director for Central Asia, Neil McCain. Werner Redtenbacher, Head of the Water and Environmental Engineering Department at ILF, gave an update on the project’s progress.

The project is funded by loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank and by a grant from the European Union. It consists of four different packages. ILF, the leader of a consortium of various partners, is responsible for the design and procurement of works for the rehabilitation and expansion of the water production facilities, the rehabilitation of buildings at the Telman wellfield site, and the rehabilitation and expansion of water and wastewater networks (Package 1), as well as the reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant (Package 2). Packages 3 and 4 include the purchase of special vehicles and the supply and installation of equipment.


ILF ranks amongst the “Top 225 International Design Firms”


The Engineering News Record (ENR) annually publishes a ranking of design firms according to turnover. Like last year, ILF Consulting Engineers has once again been ranked 60th in the “Top 225 International Design Firms” category, in which firms are ranked as per their turnover in 2018, excluding their shares in the respective home market.

In the “Top 150 Global Design Firms” category, which ranks firms as per their total turnover in 2018, ILF ranks 135th.


ILF and SOS-Kinderdorf celebrate 10 years of cooperation


For ten years now, ILF Consulting Engineers has been supporting SOS-Kinderdorf (SOS Children’s Villages) to give children and young people a loving home.

“The cooperation with SOS-Kinderdorf is something which is very close to our hearts, because after all, children are our present and our future. We are delighted if ILF can help support children, young people and their families, who find themselves in difficult situations, and if our donations can help them find their way out of crises”, Josef Mayr, one of the managing directors at ILF Consulting Engineers Austria GmbH. It is our heartfelt wish at ILF to continue this partnership in the coming years, and thus achieve positive things together.

“Thanks to the support of private donors and companies, over the last 70 years we have been able to come a step closer to achieving our goal. I would therefore like to sincerely thank ILF for their contribution”, Manuela Mader, SOS-Kinderdorf.

Even after 70 years, SOS-Kinderdorf still has one over-arching goal: “To give every child a loving home” – be that in the care of alternative families or by supporting families in need. In total, SOS-Kinderdorf in Austria provides a new home for around 1,800 children and young people, and supports more than 4,700 children and their families.


ILF ventures into Uganda’s water infrastructure market


The National Water & Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) commissioned ILF Consulting Engineers and its international partner for the “Kagera Water Works” project in Uganda. Being the first and largest of many packages which will make up the umbrella project “Development of Water and Sanitation Infrastructure for the Mbarara & Masaka Areas”, this project will be financed by the French Agency for Development (AFD).

The overall objective of the project is to secure and improve the supply of drinking water as well as the sanitation infrastructure in Mbarara, Masaka and their surroundings. Package 1 comprises the development of the Kagera water supply system, which includes an intake from the Kagera River – Upper White Nile – (capacity: 8m³/s), the Kagera drinking water treatment plant (first phase capacity: 18,000 m³/d) and the main 58-km-long transmission pipe to Mbarara.

ILF and its partner have been awarded this contract to perform design, tendering and works supervision services for this vital water supply project.


Connecting Austria and Switzerland


ILF Consulting Engineers have been appointed by ASFINAG BMG, in a joint venture, to carry out the tunnel design for the S18 Lake Constance expressway as part of the preliminary design (route selection process). The S18 is a major link road between the A1 motorway (Switzerland) and the A14 Rheintal/Walgau motorway (Austria).

The area under investigation encompasses the connection to the Swiss road network (A13/A1) near St. Magrethen/Höchst, where the crossing of the Rhine, the Lustenau canal and the ÖBB railway line is planned. Two new junctions are also being considered.

The project area is of great importance in view of settlement area, agricultural use, recreational use and groundwater utilization. Some of the conservation areas as well as the areas protected under the EU’s Flora-Fauna-Habitat Directive, which are found within the project area, also have a significant influence. The geology along the approximately 7 km long section is characterized by the fluvial sediments from the Rhine and lacustrine deposits, and therefore poses a particular challenge for the tunnel design.


Basic Design for the Somogy Field Development


On behalf of ADNOC Refining, ILF Consulting Engineers has recently completed the basic design for the Somogy Field Development in Hungary.

The aim of this project was to provide all the necessary engineering and project management (cost, schedule and risk assessment) services needed for the verification of the existing gas/condensate gathering system and its upgrade, namely the connection of 4 gas wells to the existing trunkline.

The upgrade of the existing Babócsa Gas Plant, involving the installation of the required gas treatment units, was also included in the scope of services.


ILF’s involvement in four-track upgrade of Western railway line


ILF Consulting Engineers was recently commissioned by ÖBB Infrastruktur AG to provide planning and design input for the four-track upgrade of the western railway line for the Linz-Marchtrenk and Marchtrenk-Wels sections.

The upgrade of these sections makes it possible to increase the line capacity and is an important step in the four-track upgrade of the railway line between Vienna and Wels that forms part of the trans-European network for rail and intermodal transport.

The project is implemented step by step and started with the works for the section “Linz Main Station west site” in the autumn of 2018. The permitting processes for Linz–Marchtrenk (length approx. 15.7 km) and Marchtrenk–Wels (length approx. 6.4 km) are currently underway. Maximum speeds of up to 230 km/h shall be possible in both line sections. A speed of up to 160 km/h is planned for regional rail transport.

ILF has been entrusted with executing the detailed design in the planning phase of the project implementation of both sections.


ILF at IKOM on June 24th, 2019


ILF will be present at the IKOM 2019, organized by students of the Technical University Munich (Germany), and is looking forward to meeting interesting and interested students as well as young professionals.

The number of the ILF stand is 74. See you there!


B.Robots – ILF supports future changemakers


The B.Robots Team of the “Höhere technische Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt Graz-Gösting” (Austria) landed the vice world champion title in the robotics competition of the First Lego League (FLL) World Festival, held in Detroit from April 25th to 29th, 2019, by introducing its smart “dPro Bottle”. So far, no other Austrian team has succeeded in winning this title.

In addition, B.Robots took fifth place in the Robot Game in a field of 104 teams. This year more than 35,000 teams from around the word entered the FLL competition.

ILF congratulates the project team on this remarkable achievement and is proud of having been able to make a small contribution to this success.


The environment loves rail travelers


To make the public more aware of the contribution traveling by rail makes to protecting our environment and reducing our carbon footprint, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) launched the Green Points initiative over two years ago.

As part of this initiative, people who use the ÖBB for business trips can collect green points, which are used to support specific environmental projects. By using the train for business trips, employees from ILF in Austria have cut down their CO2 emissions by 63.1 tons in the last year, being once again amongst some of the most frequent rail travelers in Austria. Compared to the previous year, this is a 17.5% increase in the number of train journeys.

ILF highly appreciates this ÖBB initiative, as the sustainable protection of the environment is of utmost importance to our company both when designing structures and facilities and when performing day-to-day project work. We strive to continue making a valuable contribution to ensuring sustainability in Austria by using ÖBB trains for business trips in years to come.


Significant milestone for ILF in Georgia


Another significant milestone for ILF in Georgia! Inspired by the “One ILF” principle, ILF-AUT, ILF-SUI and ILF-GEO combined their forces to beat the odds and win the contract for a pivotal project for the Tbilisi Suburban Rail Development.

The new project is definitely a landmark initiative in municipal rail transportation. It connects the eastern outskirts of Tbilisi, and the airport, with the city, which will greatly contribute to mobility within the capital of Georgia.

The key project-related data are as follows:

  • award of contract: May 7, 2019
  • project duration: 15 months
  • contract value: EUR 3,500,000
  • scope of services:

a. pre-feasibility study of the sections: a) Samgori–Airport–Lilo and b) Samgori–Rustavi
b. detailed design of Samgori–Airport–Lilo rail connection and supplementary infrastructure
c. assistance with IFIs
d. preparation of tender documents

The project comprises the design of a 13km-long railway alignment, railway superstructure, of civil construction, station buildings, electrification, signalling, control and communication systems, and of maintenance facilities.

It combines the re-activation of existing lines with some new alignments, following a resource-friendly approach.

The civil works are intended to be executed in accordance with the FIDIC Red Book, while the railway systems will fall under the FIDIC Yellow Book Conditions of Contract.


ILF is “Tyrol’s best family business”


On May 14, 2019, “Die Presse” once again honoured successful Austrian family businesses and their achievements at a large gala event, held in Vienna for the 19th time. Herwig Langanger (“Presse” Chairman of the Executive Board), Margarete Schramböck (Austrian Minister of Economy and Digitilisation) and Georg Knill (Knill Gruppe in Weiz) commended the winning companies in front of around 200 guests from the business world.

We are happy to announce, that despite strong competition from a variety of different companies, ILF Consulting Engineers has been declared the Tyrolean winner.

More information and the full article about ILF can be found at:


ILF contributes to VBI Guide to Renewable Energy


During the 2019 Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, which was hosted and supported by the German Federal Government, the German Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI) published its Guide to Renewable Energy with various contributions from ILF Consulting Engineers.

The Guide to Renewable Energy shall provide policymakers, administrators and engineers with lessons from the German experience of the energy transition and shows a broad range of technologies that are suitable and vital for an energy transition. ILF is proud to have contributed to this important and seminal handbook with its experience in areas such as project setup & implementation, routing, bankable feasibility studies, hydroelectric power, gas networks, energy & gas storage as well as power transmission.

For further information please feel free to contact us at  You can also find the VBI Guide to Renewable Energy here.

Globe in hand

ILF engaged at Basra Water Supply Project


On April 25, 2019 The Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works of Iraq awarded ILF with the Project Development, Engineering and Site Supervision Services for the water supply project in the Basra Governorate.

The project includes a Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Facility, the Water Transmission System to supply 11 cities including Basra City with additional drinking water and a power plant to provide the required electricity to operate the system.

The project is envisaged to be executed based on ILF’s proposed concept:

  • 1,000,000 m3/day Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination Facility located at the Arabian Gulf in Fao;
  • Approximately 270 km of Water Transmission Pipelines for the distribution of the desalinated water to the cities of the Basra Governorate;
  • A Gas fired Power Plant to produce the required power for the Desalination Plant and Pumping Stations.

The project will be the first step of Iraq’s new water strategy and shall deliver additional drinking water within 4 years.

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ILF at the Interalpin 2019


ILF will take part in the “International Trade Fair for Alpine Technologies” (Interalpin) held in Innsbruck from May 08 to 10, 2019.

You are most welcome to visit us at stand A04 in exhibition hall A (hall 1, Innsbruck Exhibition Centre – Austria) to learn about our competence and experience. Come and discuss with us how we can support your projects in the field of ski resort planning.

We are looking forward to your visit and to interesting questions and discussions. For further information, please visit the website at


ILF awarded with contract for the next phase of the SuedLink


ILF Consulting Engineers, which acts as the leader of the consortium ArgeSL 2019, and has already been involved in various stages of the SuedLink project, has now also been awarded the contract for the next phase of the SuedLink project, by TenneT and TransnetBW (Germany). Over the next 20 months, ArgeSL 2019, consisting of ILF and its partners Froelich & Sporbeck, as well as GfN, will be performing the services involved in the project phases §19+§20 NABEG, which involve, amongst others, the applications for planning approval, including rough routing, the technical planning as well as project management and environmental planning.

The SuedLink shall transport energy generated in wind parks in northern Germany to southern Germany, thereby serving major consumers in southern Germany via a HVDC underground cable. The SuedLink consists of two point-to-point connections, which will each have a transmission capacity of 2 gigawatts (GW), i.e. a total capacity of 4 GW. This capacity, which is roughly equivalent to the capacity of four nuclear power plants, will supply around 10 million households with electricity. As Germany’s largest infrastructure project to date, the SuedLink project sets new international standards, being the first project of its kind in the field of underground cables.

For further information please feel free to contact us at


ILF is supporting the world’s most ambitious development program“NEOM”


On April 1, 2019, the Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) awarded ILF Consulting Engineers the design services for the Water Transmission System for NEOM. This project will contribute significantly to the world’s most ambitious development program “NEOM”.

On the occasion of the contract signing, ILF’s delegation, consisting of the Executive Vice President, Andreas Ramharter, ILF Saudi Arabia’s Managing Directors, Lars Fjellstroem and Karl Tobler, as well as ILF’s Head of Water Pipeline Engineering, Alexander Heinz, received a warm welcome from both his Excellency Eng. Ali Bin AbdulRahman AlHazmy, Governor of SWCC, and his Excellency Eng. Sharekh Bin Ibrahim Al-Sharekh, Deputy Governor for Technical Affairs and Projects. ILF has successfully been supporting SWCC for more than 40 years in the development of water supply systems for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Lecture on Smart Industrial Concept!


Joint research initiatives with universities are one of the major drivers of innovation at ILF Consulting Engineers. As part of the doctoral program “SiC!” created together with ILF, the Vienna University of Technology offers a lecture on the topic “Smart Industrial Concept (SiC!)”.

The challenges of an energy optimized operation of industrial plants, their energy conversion, distribution and storage, and the investigation of their interaction with the general conditions of the energy industry are the focal points of the lecture.

Starting in the summer semester 2019, ILF is proud to be able to present the application aspects of the doctoral program in an industrial environment.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact DI Dr. Christopher Binder (

More information can be found here as well as here:


ILF engaged in Baltic Pipe Project


ILF Consulting Engineers, in a consortium led by the Danish company Ramboll, has been awarded a contract for the Baltic Pipe Project (Jutland–Funen) by Energinet (Denmark). Over the next 12 months ILF and Ramboll will jointly be performing the FEED.

The Baltic Pipe is a new gas pipeline (approx. 300 km onshore, approx. 300 km offshore) connecting Norway’s Europipe II system through Denmark with Poland. Operation is scheduled to start in October 2022 and the pipeline will be designed to initially carry 10 bcma of gas with potential for expansion. Once construction has been completed, the gas delivered through this pipeline will contribute to the diversification of gas supplies in Poland by using not only original Russian sources but also other sources like the Swinoujscie LNG terminal extension (7.5 bcma) as well as a potential FSRU project in Gdansk (5 bcma). This new infrastructure will create a regional gas hub for Central Europe via interconnectors to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

ILF is involved at various stages of planning in all of the above mentioned gas projects.


Altstadtring Tunnel in Munich to get a Safety Upgrade


ILF Consulting Engineers has recently been commissioned by the city of Munich’s construction authority to provide supervision and project control and maintenance services for the safety upgrade of the Altstadtring Tunnel.

The Altstadtring Tunnel constructed in the 1960s forms part of the inner-city ring road in the center of Munich, and has a total length of 610 m. The tunnel has two to three lanes. A single-lane access road from the Von-der-Tannstrasse allows access from the Altstadtring.

In order to adapt the aging tunnel to modern safety standards, retrofitting is to be carried out in the existing tunnel while maintaining tunnel operation and a working tunnel safety system. Due to the location of the Altstadtring Tunnel, construction and commissioning should be carried out as safely as possible and with little disruption.


ILF ranked nº 6 among Top International Design Firm for Pipelines


In 2018 the ENR Global Sourcebook published its 77th ranking for top international design firms. Once more, ILF Consulting Engineers was able to secure its position as a top international design firm for pipelines, being ranked 6th and thus improving on its 10th position from the 2016 ranking.

Pipeline projects have played an important role in the ILF Group ever since its founding in 1967. ILF’s first project was the Transalpine Pipeline (TAL), a one-of-a-kind project which, due to its crossing the Alps, was probably the most difficult pipeline project in the world at that time.
For more than 50 years, ILF Consulting Engineers has continued to establish itself as a trusted consultant and global player for the designing and engineering of demanding and challenging major pipeline projects. Having sometimes had to break new ground in order to find the optimum solution, ILF has provided its clients with individualized solutions, from planning to decommissioning. Whether in extreme mountain terrains, under challenging weather conditions, or over long distances, ILF has designed some of the largest pipeline systems in the world.

Amongst many others, ILF was involved in the Abu Dhabi Crude Oil Pipeline Project (ADCOP), the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Project (TAP), the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP), Trans-Asia Gas Pipeline (TAGP), the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline and the Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline.

For further information please feel free to contact us:


ILF at the Pipeline Technology Conference 2019


ILF Consulting Engineers is pleased to announce its participation, as a Gold sponsor, in the 14th Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) taking place in Berlin from March 19th to March 21th 2019.

During this year’s PTC, our experts will demonstrate their technical expertise. Tobias Baier will be presenting on the topic of Project Risk Management, and Chuan Cheng on the thermal interaction between adjacent, buried crude oil pipelines.

You are most welcome to visit us at stand 48 (Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany) to find out more about our competences and experience in the field of pipeline engineering.

Let us know how we can help you tackle your challenges (! We look forward to your visit. For further information, please visit the official PTC website at

TANAP pipes

ILF’s clients amongst the best in the world


In a recent ski resort test carried out by Snow-Online, the 10 best ski resorts in the world for the 2018/2019 season have been chosen. Amongst them are four of our clients:

  • Serfaus Fiss Ladis
  • Ski Arlberg
  • Sölden</