Breakthrough in the Ceneri Base Tunnel

On 17 March 2015, at exactly 12 oa��clock, the breakthrough between Sigirino and Vezia in the west tube of the southern section of the Ceneri Base Tunnel was completed with a final blast. Only two weeks later, on 30 March 2015, the breakthrough in the southbound east tube was achieved. The remaining excavation works in northern direction are progressing at full speed a�� a distance of approx. 2,000 m remains to be excavated in the west tube and approx. 1,500 m in the east tube. The 15.4 km long railway tunnel in Switzerland is scheduled to be put into operation in December 2019.
Together with EBP AG and vonMoos AG, ILF Consulting Engineers was commissioned to carry out the a�?safety-oriented investigationa�? (same as for the Gotthard Base Tunnel). This includes checking all documents which are of relevance to prove the load-bearing capacity and usability of the tunnel structures. In addition, ILF is part of an expert team to provide support during excavation works. The team regularly visits the site and is called-in in the event of critical situations. Assuming this role, ILF can contribute its experience to optimise design and execution and play a significant part in making the project a technological and financial success.
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