Brenner Railway Axis Extension: ILF continuing on track

The Schaftenau–Radfeld Junction in the Lower Inn Valley (Austria) forms part of the northern feeder line to the Brenner Base Tunnel. The upgrade of this section is part of four-tracking the line in the Lower Inn Valley.

With this project, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) intend to increase the line capacity and eliminate bottlenecks for the Brenner Base Tunnel to achieve full efficiency. In addition, the project will bring traffic relief for the Lower Inn Valley and reduce travel time, as design speeds of 230 km/h will be possible.

The line will have a total length of approx. 20.5 km including 11.7 km in mined and cut-and cover tunnels and 5.6 km in open-track sections. Furthermore, the project will include the construction of four trough structures with a length of 3.2 km.

ILF Consulting Engineers will be responsible for preparing the design documents for the preliminary authorization of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) pending legal permission for the mined tunnel near Angath. Together with partners, ILF will also be in charge of the cut-and-cover tunnels and trough structures.