Drinking water transport continues to be ensured for Saudi Arabia

In early April 2018 the EPC contractor Mapa Construction and Trade Co. Inc. commissioned ILF Consulting Engineers to carry out the detailed design for the Rabigh-Jeddah/Makkah Water Transmission System in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the largest drinking water transmission systems ever tendered by the client and owner SWCC.

The overall system comprises two independent pipeline systems (Rabigh-Jeddah/Makkah and Rabigh-Mastorah) which are both supplied by the new Rabigh desalination plant. The total throughput amounts to 1.3 million m³/d and is transported from Rabigh to Makkah and Briman respectively via a 200 km long 80” twin line. In total 684 km of pipeline will be laid and 8 pump groups will be installed. 12 reservoir stations will be erected along the pipeline. The total storage capacity of the steel tanks in the different stations is 3177 m³.

ILF’s scope of work includes hydraulics and process, all stations and buildings including housing compounds for the future operating personnel, and the entire pipeline system. Furthermore ILF supports the EPC contractor in the design of the mechanical equipment, the commissioning of the transport system on site and prepares the operating manual for the overall system.