ILF continues to ensure clean drinking water in Saudi Arabia

Already in 2014 the National Water Company (NWC) commissioned ILF Consulting Engineers to provide design services for the “South Dhahran Residential Project” of the Saudi Aramco national oil company. Scope of services for this new “Residential Housing Complex” is to ensure the necessary water supply as well as wastewater treatment and disposal for the future 70,000 residents.

The project encompasses a seawater desalination plant (100,000 m³/day), a 20 km long drinking water supply pipeline and a 17 km long wastewater collector pipeline to the new wastewater treatment plant (70,000 m3/day). The project furthermore envisages reusing the treated sewage effluent (TSE) for irrigation purposes via a 17 km long pumping main. A new 10 km long transmission pipeline DN 1,200 for wastewater between an existing and the new wastewater treatment plant is included in the project.

After the feasibility study ILF also carried out the EPC tender of the mentioned system components, provided support during contract negotiations and compiled contract documents. Currently the project is in the implementation stage where ILF carries out design review and site supervision.