ILF engaged in highway project from Tbilisi to Lagodekhi, Georgia

The Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia awarded the contract for the Preparation of Feasibility Study for Upgrading of Tbilisi–Bakurtsikhe, Tsnori–Lagodekhi Road and Detailed Design for the Upgrading of Tbilisi–Sagarejo and Sagarejo–Bakurtsikhe Road to a Joint Venture with ILF Consulting Engineers.

The relevant road sections from Tbilisi–Bakurtsikhe (approx. length 80 km) and Tsnori–Lagodekhi (approx. length 40 km) start in the eastern part of Tbilisi and end near Lagodekhi district at the border to Azerbaijan.

The service includes topographic, hydrological and geotechnical surveying, preparation of an DEM, traffic survey and traffic forecast for the entire project area, determination of economic costs, road design for the alignment to a detailed degree, and economic evaluation of the alignment. The detailed design of the road will be executed in the second phase.