ILF is awarded a contract for the operation and safety equipment of five additional tunnels on the A44 motorway, Germany

The A44 motorway, a few sections of which are still to be completed, links the German-Belgian border with the city of Kassel. The design works for the extension to Herleshausen are currently underway. Having been entrusted with the design of the Hirschhagen Tunnel by Hessen Mobil in 2015, ILF has now also been commissioned by Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH (DEGES) to design five additional tunnels (Boyneburg, Holstein, Bubenrad, Dachsloch and Alberberg). DEGES is responsible for the design and construction of the AS Waldkappel/Wommener Dreieck section of the A44 motorway on behalf of the federal government/the state of Hesse.

The operation and safety equipment for all five tunnels will be designed in compliance with the current provisions of the RABT (German guidelines for equipping and operating road tunnels). The Boyneburg and the Holstein Tunnels, with a length of 1.7 km each, will be equipped with a longitudinal ventilation system. All five tunnels comprise two tubes to accommodate one-way traffic.