ILF works on the longest railway tunnel in Georgia

The 63 km long Zestafonia��Molitia��Khashuri section (a�?Gorgesa�? section) is part of the main Georgian railway line across a mountainous alignment, having a gradient with very steep slopes and tight curves. This alignment imposes very low speeds and leads to various operation problems. For this reason the Georgian Railway LLC is modernizing the section with the target to increase capacity, reduce travel time and improve safety as well as railway operation.  

ILF has been working as ownera��s engineer for this project for many years and has recently been awarded additional services, including the tunnel safety concept, the tunnel ventilation system and the electro-mechanical concept design for the T9 tunnel. With a length of 8.3 km the T9 tunnel will soon be the longest rail tunnel in Georgia and is an essential element of the above mentioned railway section. The tunnel will consist of two parallel tubes connected with cross passages at intervals of 300 m. In addition to that, ILF has been awarded a contract to prepare a new tender design for the 15 km section Kharagauli – Moliti. The project is planned to be completed and put into operation late 2019.
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