TECON to study energy alternatives for generation of EOR Steam Flooding

TECON Engineering (a company of the ILF-Group) has been awarded a contract for the “Study for Energy Alternatives for Steam Generation for EOR purposes” by Mansarovar Energy, a Colombian O&G operator which is a JV between SINOPEC and ONGC Videsh.

Mansarovar operates the NARE Block in Middle Magdalena region, with a total production of 40 kbpd of heavy oil. For this operation Mansarovar injects steam in the oil reservoirs- The steam is produced by several steam generators distributed throughout the whole block, and the fuel supply for these generators requires an in-depth implementation study. TECON will develop a comprehensive study for all the industrial energy sources available in Colombia, including CST (Concentrated Solar Thermal) which can provide suitable energy supply for the steam generators. In addition, using a renewable source of energy for EOR production is an unparalleled pioneering technology to date.