Automation, Control and SCADA


Automation, Control and SCADA

Auto­ma­ti­on and con­trol sys­tems as well as remo­te con­trol pro­cess moni­to­ring sys­tems are the basis for a safe and effi­ci­ent ope­ra­ti­on of a modern indus­tri­al plant. Inten­si­ve coor­di­na­ti­on is requi­red bet­ween all invol­ved disci­pli­nes (pro­cess, mecha­ni­cal, electri­cal, telecom­mu­ni­ca­ti­on engi­neers) – espe­cial­ly for com­plex pro­jects – in order to abs­tract and defi­ne the con­trol requi­re­ments from each of the disci­pli­nes and to imple­ment the requi­red inter­faces wit­hin the con­trol sys­tem in a smooth and suf­fi­ci­ent manner.

This approach is pro­vi­ding the solid foun­da­ti­on for the plant ope­ra­tors to moni­tor and con­trol the pro­cess via a modern inte­gra­ted con­trol and safe­ty system.

ILF pro­vi­des ser­vices wit­hin the auto­ma­ti­on, con­trol and SCADA field
such as:

  • Manage­ment sys­tems (SCADA sys­tems and/or DCS)
  • Inte­gra­ted con­trol and safe­ty sys­tems (ICSS)
  • Pro­cess instru­men­ta­ti­on and inte­gra­ti­on into the plant con­trol
    (taking account of hazar­dous zones)
  • Ope­ra­ting phi­lo­so­phy and descrip­ti­on of plant control
  • Pro­cess-spe­ci­fic spe­cial soft­ware (e.g. leak detec­tion and loca­ting sys­tems, online and off­line simu­la­tors and tank farm manage­ment systems)
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