Automation, Control and SCADA


Automation, Control and SCADA

Automation and control systems as well as remote control process monitoring systems are the basis for a safe and efficient operation of a modern indus­trial plant. Intensive coordi­nation is required between all involved disci­plines (process, mecha­nical, electrical, telecom­mu­ni­cation engineers) – especially for complex projects – in order to abstract and define the control requi­re­ments from each of the disci­plines and to implement the required inter­faces within the control system in a smooth and suffi­cient manner.

This approach is providing the solid foundation for the plant operators to monitor and control the process via a modern integrated control and safety system.

ILF provides services within the automation, control and SCADA field
such as:

  • Management systems (SCADA systems and/or DCS)
  • Integrated control and safety systems (ICSS)
  • Process instru­men­tation and integration into the plant control
    (taking account of hazardous zones)
  • Operating philo­sophy and description of plant control
  • Process-specific special software (e.g. leak detection and locating systems, online and offline simulators and tank farm management systems)
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