Protection of Critical Infrastructure


Protection of Critical Infrastructure

The physical, information and operational security of industrial facilities is subject to a wide range of threats. Sophisticated attacks often bypass traditional security measures and have the potential to disrupt the production process, cause spills or product contaminations, destroy process equipment and endanger human life. Isolated technological, administrative or organizational measures cannot stop such attacks.

Role of ILF

A holistic approach is essential to protect systems, detect attacks, locate intrusions, deflect the threat and restore normal operation. ILF’s comprehensive approach covers the entire project life cycle and all aspects of a security management system, including physical security, robust design and cyber security.

Benefits to Clients

Based on its experience over the last five decades ILF is in the position to support the development of an appropriate protection system for different types of critical infrastructure. Taking an interdisciplinary approach ILF can offer tailor-made, robust and balanced solutions, taking into account both security needs and operational requirements.

ILF offers the following services in the field of critical infrastructure protection:

  • System analysis/audit, including aspects of digital transformation
  • Risk and hazard assessment, threat analysis
  • Business continuity management studies
  • Design of physical security systems
  • Safe, robust and secure IT/OT system design
  • Implementation of and updates to integrated security management systems, security master plans, asset management systems
  • Definition of extensive testing procedures for security solutions
  • Support of operator training for security management systems
  • Development of response and recovery plans
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