Master Plans


Master Plans

Master plans point the way and provide guidance. Their development requires the integration of complex strategic, economic, regulatory, technical, social and environmental aspects. Their aim is to develop a strategic approach towards defined objectives, taking into account short-term, mid-term and long-term implementation stages.

Role of ILF

Fostering appropriate stakeholder engagement is of major importance when developing a master plan. Such an engagement is decisive for a thorough analysis of the status quo and of the projected political, economic and technical developments relevant to the master plan. The analysis is the starting point for developing the strategic goals and objectives of the master plan.

Together with a vision and mission statement these strategic goals and objectives are developed in workshops together with the client’s representatives and possibly also with external stakeholders. This serves to ensure that the subsequently developed master plan receives broad support and acceptance.

Benefits to Clients

The combination of engineering, environmental and economic competence together with more than 50 years of international consulting expertise makes ILF the perfect partner for master plan developments in the business areas of Energy & Climate Protection, Water & Environment, Transportation & Structures and Oil, Gas & Industry.

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