Operation and Maintenance Consultancy


Operation and Maintenance Consultancy

Optimized plant operation and proactive maintenance as well as excellent design and project implementation are preconditions for the long-term success of industrial and infrastructure projects. Aging plant infrastructure, and changing demands and targets of plant operation pose a constant challenge that requires flexible and professional teams, processes and programs.

Role of ILF

ILF offers operation and maintenance consultancy services in the business areas of Energy & Climate Protection, Water & Environment, Transportation & Structures and Oil, Gas & Industry. Among ILF’s clients are public and private organizations.

Benefits to Clients

Operation consultancy aims at maximizing operating performance, operating safety, availability and efficiency of industrial and infrastructure facilities while using resources as economically as possible. in this context, ILF can count on the knowhow of experts from the fields of civil engineering, process engineering, management, economics, legal affairs and contract management. Also, ILF has experience in the operation of its own hydropower projects.

The service portfolio comprises, in particular:

  • Infrastructure condition surveys
  • Rehabilitation concepts
  • Energy efficiency concepts
  • O&M management programs
  • Process optimization
  • Development of GIS databases
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